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  1. In picking phase , the information about Tauran Chieftain aghanim said that it upgrade it's ultimate but after you picked it , it said that it upgrades its 2nd spell. ( just need a fix in information while drafting )
  2. If you are using this mode ( the allies shown in blue and enemies in red color in the mini map , and each player has a specific color when chatting . blue . light blue , purple ... ) If shadow demon is blue ( 1st player ) and its ally Wind ranger is purple ( 3rd player ) if Shadow demon use it's 1st skill on wind ranger , the color of real wind is purple and illusions are blue . ( on the bottom of each hero , there is a circle which player color is shown ) You cannot deceive enemies with it.
  3. 1- It has been reported before but not fixed yet. If you kill Arc warden Ultimate ( Tempest ) while its in the air with 1st level of rubick it will stay there invulnerable ( the way it stays at fountain ; no move , no attack , nothing ) and not disappeared and after Arc use ulti again , it will be disappeared 2. Related to warkey , If you steal Arc warden ultimate with rubick . ( in case that you are playing with legacy keys ) whenever you press Z . X with the real rubick , the illusion will cast spell. ( in this case , you can only use the real rubick spells with you mouse Or change it from legacy keys to your own hotkeys. ) If you need a replay just ask for it. ty for the map.
  4. granted

    Your RGC nick : LeArnHowToWiN Brief text about yourself : 18y/o . Iran , Tehran. DotA XP : I have been playing DotA for 6 years in many official and know clients and some unofficial clients DotA skill : I don't consider myself as a top player but I also play DotA 2 and my best medal was divine 1 there. DotA roles : Roamer , middle , Carry , And sometimes I play pos 5 hard support.( my lovely role is roamer and middle ) Url : https://ladder.rankedgaming.com/index.php?room=95#search=LearnHowToWin P.S : because of my internet and ping , I couldn't play in any other rooms but now I can. Thanks.
  5. I don't know how but in the 30 to 40 minutes of the game I think , little skeletons were actually immortal . they didn't die and as result , all of our creeps were hitting them and they got 5x stacks creep wave in our base. little skeleton sometimes won't die with anything. Skeleton mortal strike bug.w3g
  6. Mortal strike . The third skill of skeleton king , Proc chance won't change , It should be 9% , 11% , 13% , 15% ( even it's written there )but at lvl 4 , it still has 9% proc chance..
  7. Pog , nice !
  8. Windrunner aghanim , buff her ult and its damage reduction to 0 ; so the talent 25 which reduce her ult damage reduction become completely useless. I think it needs some changes either in her aghanim or talent. Anti mage spell shield color affect is as same as the lotus, Is it possible to change it's color to something else for example purple ? thanks.
  9. solved

    There is a rare bug with mars ult, that spear stuns the enemy which it shouldn't. You can check in the video below. ( spear should pull them back , but it stuns ) mars_ult.mp4
  10. solved

    I'm not admin of this section. but actually it's not a bug. The point is , After lvl 5 , Your courier becomes a flying courier. you can check picture of DotA 2 about techies mines and couriers.
  11. solved

    WindRunner bug 7.00a5 If you ult someone then use windrun with level 20 talent, which gives her invisibility, you will be invised then if you click on that target ( A click ) you ulted , invisibility won't be interupted. ( just in case that you've ult on the target before using windrun , in the video , first time I used windrun then ult , but in the second one I use ult then windrun then A attack ) bandicam_2020-06-18_14-33-23-135.mp4
  12. Sentinel (team 1) can easily pull creeps from mid lane to a camp near tier 2 tower. and it's kind of unfair.