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  1. solved

    Spell lifesteal = heals you when you use your spells , not hitting try Shadow Sting on enemies , Then you can see venomancer healing
  2. solved

    Toggle it on the same as Traxex 1 use right click on it.
  3. Thanks for reporting the aghanim's bug I have sent it to developers.
  4. about the blink rapture damage , it has a limitation , it means more than 1300 , it won't deal damage so QoP can easily run away , and AM with the blink range talent. and literally not a bug.
  5. solved

    Talent 25
  6. denied

    @iosoniq Actually sorry I forgot to say , thanks for reporting . yeah after qop died near scourge secret shop , she become immune to every target spells fixed next patch.
  7. ultimate of Treant Protector , is not a Stun , it's only a root effect , and root effects does not interrupt channelings ( Except TP ) ultimate of Treant Protector, no es un Aturdimiento, es solo un efecto de raíz, y los efectos de raíz no interrumpen las canalizaciones (excepto TP) I used google translate , sorry if it's not ok.
  8. solved

    for 100% , Rubick had stolen Rearm ( tinker ultimate )
  9. closed!

    in this patch , 1st skill of LS gives attack speed , and 2nd gives only LifeStealing but in the patch that you are talking , 1st of LS only give MS so the passive gives As then
  10. denied

    Reporting ID : irajtondro GID : #7040282 Afk az min 27 ta akhare game
  11. solved

    1- If Rubick steals Finger of Death ( ultimate of lion ) , the bonus damage after killing enemies won't be added to the spell . ( actually it should grant bonus damage after kills until rubick steal something else or die ) 2 - If Rubick cast his ultimate on illusions with aghanim , his ultimate goes on CD but it doesn't go on CD if you don't have aghanim . some bugs related to hotkey 3-( have been reported before ) , if you put your inventory keys to ( alt + ( the hotkey of a spell that is not targeting) E.g : putting inventory hotkey on alt + W , the 2nd of puck will be used the same time or using alt + F on juggernaut )) 4 - If Chaos knight use his ultimate with aghanim on ally ; The illusions cannot be selected by the f9 hotkey : Select all others units or select all units .
  12. granted

    Unban AFK reason : chance
  13. solved

    and there's a mistake in tooltip of storm sprit 2nd (Electric Vortex ) while learning it . it said that it will slow the caster ms by %50 for 3 seconds but this feature has been removed.
  14. closed

    Ta min 50 game ro khodam negah dashtam , 4 bar fight dadim , yara nayoomadan fight ro khordim Game gg bood 2 min raftam WC , !ff dadam goftam biaid jam konid gge ( BA shift too base click gozashtam ke hero move bokhore oomadam , fight akharam raftim khordim . bad ADmine mohtaram , ban dade.
  15. granted

    خواهش میکنم این قارچخور پلیرهارو کامپ بن کنید برن گیم اصلیشون که مغزشون توانایی انجامش رو داره (البته بعید میدونم کسی که گیم رو تا مین 50 نگه داشت من بودم ریپلی مشخصه اخرین فایت هم حضور داشتم ریپلی مشخصه نوب جماعت نباید سر یکی دیگه پوینت بگیره