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  1. denied

    !Unsupport 31:00 he planted a sentry while troll was invisble (Suspicious) Not enough to ban, Thanks for reporting
  2. denied

    UnSupport Normal Game Play, Thanks For reporting.
  3. solved

    @Hakka @Charbel @NabQ When you wanna remove Someone from globals its easy for you, And its easy too, to destroy a client and its difficult to build it up again. Ace is one who dont deserves that from you, he's helping too many people on RGC and not everytime he talks to someone on private and helped him he should give you screen shot that he helped, i know you dont care about what am talking about but RGC players do, if i wanna tell you how ace helped me and helped others this post will be a story. He's the one who unvouched the abuser (colonelpatron) From eu public and then the abuser forced him with power, and not with truth and that guy who's forcing with power is the same guy who's flaming people ingame in Public rooms and the one who's reported daily cuz of his abuses, racist etc... I just wanted to say that you're destroying your client by removing good people from it, and adding bad people, We as rgc players are fucking bored from this jokes on this client Please Grow up and let the rules be confirmed on all Members, staffs , globals of RGC Dont Think that removing or demoting ace will give a result, that guy is the best guy i've ever seen, players who are not scared will reply on my post and tell their own opinion, I wish you got my opinion with Respect just for 1 time and answer on it.
  4. maphacker

    at 31:00 (Elsaped Time) the courier came to their secret shop not from your base and the courier didnt give the vision of Jakiro + about others no need to talk about them mh 100% and Please Check the Elsaped time which is down on right
  5. maphacker

    Support 24:50 SK was walking near by with inv when silencer get closer akassha blnked away and ran (MH) 28:00 Blinked away from top to mid while sk was inv near her and there was no creeps mid to farm (MH) 28:35 blinked away from and pudge was going to hook her (MH) 29:40 avoid Gank (MH) 34:29 Avoid gank (MH) Map hacker 100% theres another moves at the beginning of the game running everytime from ganks and Pushing the lanes . Gamelog:
  6. denied

    Unsupport 3:00 Didnt avoid gank (Normal) 7:48 Again didnt avoid gank (Normal) 8:40 bara entered in trees and got stuck he saw him before he gets in Vision of tower and then he threw a rocket there and killed him (Normal 9:50 phoenix ran from the battle with low hp but there was a ward near phoenix's tower (Top) and clock saw him before he gets in fog in 3-4 seconds (Normal) 13:00 Attacking sniper vision of creeps (Normal) 14:45 attacking Sniper with his own vision from high ground (normal) 19:00 if he's mh he wont miss that ulti on sniper (normal ) 21:10 if he's mh he will kill earshaker (normal) GameLog :
  7. maphacker

    Support 12:45 deward (Suspicious) 14:30 walking directly to troll (Suspicious) 19:15 deward (suspicious) 19:35 he saw magina vision of creeps and then he attacked him (Normal) 27:10 he teleported from bot's mega to mid's mega and walking directly to woods and attacked Troll (MH) GameLog : Please for next time give timesteps not pictures , Thanks for reporting.
  8. maphacker

    As we got some translates of the game's chat we saw that Pudge is a maphacker 100% and his team mates threating him to stop the mh but at the first they said that So lion is not a maphacker he just following pudge and lion knows that pudge is a maphacker . More about that :
  9. maphacker

    Support (Pudge) Pudge waiting bara who's charging Lion with low hp and then when bara arrived pudge threw hook before he saw bara in 0.5 seconds and caught him (MH) 13:40 pudge walking directly to lanaya and hooked her while in fog . (MH) 14:15 pudge waiting bara who's coming from fog to hook him but he didnt cought him (MH) 15:15 walking directly to tiny while farming jungle and killed him (MH) Unsupport (Lion) 7:40 bara charged on lion and still farming when he saw AA coming directly to him then he knew that someone is with him and he went back but he died (Normal) 9:00 He stopped waiting his team mate teleporting, cuz he cant farm destroyer and aa will kill him easily (Normal) 10:00 he ran back cuz he saw AA's ulti coming to him slowly and then he killed aa vision of Creeps (Normal) Lion is not a map hacker he just following pudge sometimes Gamelog :
  10. denied

    Unsupport (Axe) 7:30 Searching in jungle cuz the lane was free, so he found Blood seeker and tried to kill him (Normal) 10:45 axe didnt avoid gank and he was going to die (normal) 19:15 had vision of pudge walking to secret shop (normal) 22:40 axe took invisible Rune and then he went high ground and saw thrall and followed and killed him (Normal Game Play) Support (Weaver) 12:30 Weaver used sukuchi and then used her Level 1 on blood seeker while farming in jungle and in fog , if this was suddenly then weaver will try to kill him with yurnero who's near by and not to continue walking like nothing happened. (MH) 17:20 Runnung away from blood seeker with sukuchi (MH) 18:17 Again, ran away with sukuchi from blood seeker wihout vision (MH) 20:55 Used Sukuchi before she saw blood in 1 second (MH) 21:00 Waiting seeker to go away from the lane to farm again (MH)
  11. Name : arcangel_z Bot sa
  12. Name : Sylαя Bot sa
  13. Name : ~Jor君 Bot sa
  14. Name : freed9990 Bot sa
  15. Name : |HRD|~WOLFpaCk Bot sa