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  1. mynick MazaWaza his nic: icansolo LINK : title : ban pudge pudge left in 2 games in row 1 is not punishable because we already lost the game sced one he left again for nothing ban him to learn how to lose thanks
  2. mynick MazaWaza his nic: Rodricaz$ LINK : title : leaver min 1 he start the game in chat he said i will leave after game start i told him if u leave i will report u he said you cant ban me for leaving and he left the game ban him so he learn its punishable regards
  3. mynick MazaWaza his nic: BIG_JB_ LINK : title AFK time stamp min 35:00 until end of the game So if he is your mate you can say it but what he do IS PUNISHABLE and when DARKNESS SAID i reply to him time stamp so there is NO reason to deny it is this PROPER for you @Thror @Darkness.GoD† phoenix went afk he don't want to play anymore no Def just stay in base until end of the game regard
  4. i said he is afk not ruin the game plus you can see his afk time by admin panel but he went afk min 35 until end of the game thanks
  5. mynick MazaWaza his nic: BIG_JB_ LINK : title phoenix went afk he don't want to play anymore no Def just stay in base until end of the game regards
  6. mynick MazaWaza his nic: howtoplayhooman ,,,, fernanfloo*) LINK : ban roof for being afk in the game plus on min 44 he break his items in base and stay afk until game ends ban ursa for leaving the game thanks
  7. mynick MazaWaza his nic: FilipT993 ,,,, -SilverSpider- LINK : Furi Filip stay afk most of the game Mirana stay in base afk doing nothing until the game end ban them both please thanks
  8. mynick MazaWaza his nic: sherpa_ko_xoro LINK : Sf left the game thanks
  9. mynick MazaWaza his nic: janati_namir ,,, Beginer578$ LINK : 2 leaver min 1
  10. mynick MazaWaza his nick : break_coldheart LINK : leaver min 1
  11. mynick MazaWaza his nick : IzyBoy link: title leaver min 1
  12. mynick MazaWaza his nick : Doctor_Popov link : title leaver he just went mid ruin SF mid farm SF left him mid then he feed manytime and left the game ban him please thanks
  13. time stamps can be calculate without i even put it by admin panel and i don't tag a friend to ban you he is admin responsible of this stuff so if he find it punishable he will ban you if not he wont ban you and you can ruin another games later you don't go to harass slark you go stand for him and then do all skills and die just not even any result of your skills and spell abuse to me and to alche what do you call that ? so please learn to play and be a team player then come to talk regards
  14. mynick MazaWaza his nick : Sez.Nada_ LINK: title : feeder , game ruiner , spell abuse kunkka went mid ruin alche farm and feed then he always stay afk you can see afk time after he use spell X on me while am running back to let me die so he did with alche he dont care about getting banned and he feed he only go skill and die so he wont be a feeder to admins @Darkness.GoD† regards
  15. mynick MazaWaza his nick : INJOKR LINK: title : spell abuse Eza he said i will fuck axe brain and keep using TP all the time send me back to base or woods where ever he is he just do it when i farm he send me away please ban him to learn thats not fun because he was thinking its fun thanks @Darkness.GoD† regards