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  1. How to jungle midas easily in 5 minutes
  2. solved

    relax guys it's just a game
  3. closed!

    everyone knows bolivians don't speak english
  4. granted

    while we're at it, can I get unban too? I didn't want to leave but my Wife needed help, she got stuck in the washing machine. @Windfucker-
  5. solved

    U have to respect RGC People no matter what. People's egos here are very fragile so if you offend them in some way, nobody can guarantee for your safety
  6. granted

    Mortred is from Algeria and they are known for having bad connection. He was probably just lagging and thus playing bad. Can't ban people for bad gameplay/connection. No gameruin detected #JusticeForNoobs
  7. denied

    Maybe he got maphack error or something ? What do you think @Z3nvo
  8. denied

    This guy is from Romania and I heard they have bad connection in Budapest this week, ban seems unfair.
  9. couldn't have said it better myself, syduck for president #PointsAreJustANumber #StopStackShaming #StackerLivesMatters #StopTheUpdate #JusticeForStackers
  10. denied

  11. that sounds pretty good, !support. This calender could also show the next upcoming updates that RGC has planned , like matchmaking update for example so people have something to look forward to
  12. I guess this problem is solved since Iran Room is dead (for whatever reason), can someone close this ?
  13. The longer you play and the more people and their smurfs you get to know, the bigger your list is gonna get. If you are still looking for a personal banlist, contact me I have something to help you out
  14. Sounds great, I kinda started thinking that this update would never come I'll be waiting with anticipation
  15. I don't know, considering I just overcame my gambling addiction I don't think that would be to smart. Unless you can set limits per day/week on how many RGDS you can bet. still !support