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  1. for a second I thought that my prayers have been answered
  2. Dear diary: It's been more than 3 years and the cries of countless users asking for a rework of the Matchmaking system are still not being heard. But I may not lose hope just yet, for we have to keep believing, if our dreams should come true. nice Matchmaking 3.0
  3. granted

    (1).Your RGC username : ChefDotaYoutube (BANE)(2).The Game-ruiner(s) RGC username(s) : Wo$o!a (DK)(3).Replay and Game-Log Link : (4).Explain What Happened : Game Scenario Abuse → Not Defending Base intentionally - Not Joining any Fights(5).Specify EXACT time-stamps for when this user began wrecking your game. (Elapsed-Time) : Moment of TILT Minute 26: 27:01 SCOURGE Wo$o!a : he watch 27:07 SCOURGE Wo$o!a : son ofbtich 27:08 SCOURGE Wo$o!a : i go wood 27:11 SCOURGE Wo$o!a : i dont help 27:12 SCOURGE Wo$o!a : never Tip: If u want to ruin games , dont announce it in the chat Minute 30: Player Wo$o!a not joining crucial Teamfight, while having plenty of time to do so Minute 33: Player Wo$o!a not defending base
  4. This doesn't make any sense @picolo341, how am I supposed to find easy games then to farm points and winrates?
  5. solved

  6. Your RGC nick: ChefDotaYoutubeBrief text about yourself: from AustriaDotA experience: Around 3 years on RGC ( with breaks in between ) around 1 year of Dota2 (Currently Divine 4 Medal ~ 5,2k mmr) and following pro Dota 2 teams in all major tournaments, with game and draft analysis etc. DotA skill: hsDotA roles: gained most of my MMR by playing pos 3,4,5. here I enjoy Pos 2 most, but am still very much able to play any other roleRGC stats: If you check my game history, you will hardly find any game in which I wasn't playing against high rated players, I'm only trying to get some quality Gameplay videos for my youtube
  7. This would not only be good for SA but for all of RGC. I myself would also love to see something like in Dota 2: in general +30pts per win, -30pts per loss (if teams unbalanced = adjusted point gain accordingly) But: I can imagine that if the rating system gets drastically changed, there would be a lot of outrage among high rated players who spent many years farming their points. If a majority of players on RGC wanted a new Matchmaking+rating system, I guess it would have been implemented a long time ago So my guess is that a lot of players are still fine with the current system. Something like: "It's by far not perfect, but its good enough to keep enough people still playing here" But maybe my guess is completely wrong who knows