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  1. denied

    StarsatGG playing Leshrac was AFK during our game which makes our team lost the game. Please ban him. gameAfk.w3g
  2. Unbanned Request.

    Please consider my request.  Thanks and Regards


  3. solved

    RGC Username :L0wBatt Ban Reason + LINK : AFK for 6.8 mins https://board.rankedgaming.com/topic/1230050-afk/ Reason of Appeal : We ordered food online using Talabat as we are in home quarantine now. During the game, the delivery came and I have to go out, take the food, and pay for it as there is no one here who could do it... my children are still small and they are not allowed to go outside. Proof: My stats will show that I love playing dota and win or lose... I never leave or afk a game. I even resumed playing the game till the end after I received the delivery. Thanks and I hope you will consider my request. At this time of COVID crises, playing online games is one way to at least ease the burden we all carry in our shoulders and have some fun.
  4. solved

    RGC Username :L0wBatt Ban Reason + LINK : AFK for 5 mins https://board.rankedgaming.com/topic/1143731-ban/ Reason of Appeal : I was out for personal necessity in toilet Proof: My stats will show that I seldom leave or afk in game
  5. Assalamu Alaikum brother. I noticed that you approved the banned for my account. The reason ibeing afk for 5 mins. I was out for a while because I went for personal necessity in the toilet. The penalty you gave me brother is a little bit harsh considering this time of crisis we have in the world and everyone is advised to be at home to be safe. I hope you will reconsider your decision. Thank you and be safe!!!