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  1. room - (ASIA ) public reason - leaving game intentionally user name - godlike& ban asap - LastReplay.w3g
  2. room - (ASIA ) public reason - abusing power on allies , transporting teammate to base, blocking allies with his nc creeps user name - cancerOfsilence please see to it n ban asap LastReplay.w3g
  3. leavers- 2 of them leaving intentionally room- asia (pub) plz see to it n ban LastReplay.w3g
  4. 3 spoilers display names: 'khim'mihm^ drgrayfang ''* uchiha_Dark* room : asia (pub) reasonl : leaving game intensionally .. and this ''* uchiha_Dark* pudge user, spoiled game from 0 min feeding intentionally and giving courier to enemies plz see to it, n ban asap espicially this pudge user ''* uchiha_Dark* - for better gaming LastReplay.w3g
  5. display name: AmThamBopTeam and beyong room : asia (pub) reasonl : losers left game intensionally plz see to it, n ban asap for better gaming LastReplay.w3g
  6. display name: no_man77 and -jessA-zy room : asia (pub) reasonl : feed and left game both bot laners, feeders n leavers plz see to it, n ban asap LastReplay.w3g
  7. room - (Asia) pub reason- left game intentionally time of leaving game : 0.10 second user name - iismacky27 a frnd wanted to pick axe, and was typing for it bt this spoiler picked and left game straight LastReplay.w3g
  8. room - (Asia) pub reason- left game intentionally user name - xACHUMIx (skymage user) plz look to it and ban asap LastReplay.w3g
  9. please, ban this axe user ... he spoiled game, bought gem n wards for the opponent also wont stop trash talk and uses abuse content #.PaPa.. axe user name