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  1. please, ban this axe user ... he spoiled game, bought gem n wards for the opponent also wont stop trash talk and uses abuse content #.PaPa.. axe user name LastReplay.w3g
  2. respected Admin please unban me sir , i left a game because my net keeps on cutting off because my wifi was on repair at home thanking you for your understanding yours sincerely @god^hunter
  3. dearest admins, please look forward to this replay and please ban this 2 leavers, for better RGC gaming thank you LastReplay.w3g
  4. plz look to it and ban this spoiler, slark user who wants mid so badly and spoil the whole game by purchasing item to the oppo aftr feeding in mid lane and wont stop doing so, for the whole game LastReplay.w3g
  5. plz look to it and ban this spoiler, ursa user who made early DR and spoiled the game LastReplay.w3g