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  1. Hello, my favorite and fastest jungler Axe and here is how to do it
  2. Hello, very simple and easy guide how to jungle with Ursa at Scourge side from 1st level, 5min Roshan
  3. Hello, very simple and easy guide how to jungle with Leoric at Sentinel side from 1st level
  4. Hello, lately I have been experimenting with farming patterns of different heroes. Terrorblade if one of the most complicated so far, maybe that is why you rarely see him being picked. I want to share my interpretation of how to farm with Terrorblade.
  5. Nick: Conused+o_O+ Room: Serbia Reason for leaving: last second swap in the lobby and after that refusal of Filip1997 from the previous game not to play carry role at this game again Replay:
  6. Nickname: Confused-o_O- Country: Lithuania Hero: Sand King + Puck, Dark Seer, Phoenix Description: Puck ulti followed by vacuum and Sand King ulti Time of replay: 14.00 - 14.30 in-game time W3 version: 1.26