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  1. 1. Omar 2. kos.emak.3aebeh Feeded puck mid and left the game then we lost cuz of him left min 9:25
  2. solved

    1. Omar 2. spider-man777 he disconnected for having some emergency problem i hope u ban him please @Casper
  3. granted

    1. Omar 2. spider-man777 he lost his lane and then went afk for 2 min, saying : that he cant play vs zeus then he disconnected, hope this kind of players get banned, cuz we lost the game with no carry.
  4. denied

    last 20 mins of the game
  5. denied

    last 20 mins of the game
  6. denied

    1, Omar 2- Incridible_ 3. game ruiner game ruining all the my farm + not joining any fight like a lgbt guy Time : all the game please watch it <3
  7. closed

    Giving maphack links to people that he hates and reporting them cuz they won x tour and acting smart, sunshine, we both know who is the maphacker and the bypasser. and we both know that i got evidences on you that can erase you from this platform. You reported epic who won the tour vs you yea i know that hurts losing a game while u are a hacker, but you know epic is more powerful than u in this game, so you gave him a maphack to try it and reporting him like u are the smart fat ass guy. Everyone would like to try the maphack once in his life even me. Epic made a mistake by trying the maphack online but he doesn’t knows that u are a hater like that. I hope @Dr.Spy fix this problem and give a chance to epic cuz he already deleted the maphack (on my responsibility) and i am ready to give the staffs the evidence of sunshine: maphacker and bypasser but in the right time, thanks.
  8. granted

    drilonh31 / M.o.Necrolic
  9. denied

    Player DUGAREE!! used toss on kunka at 40:20 elapsed time once which is not enough for ban, at 41:00 tiny didn't die on purpose.
  10. granted

    Hello, Please provide the timestamps you have 2 days or the report will be closed, Denied.
  11. denied

    Hello, Please insert the replay, You have 2 days or the report will be closed, Denied.
  12. denied

    Hello, Please provide the timestamps or the report will be closed, Denied.
  13. already answered here :
  14. granted

    Player ዶናልድ didn't gave divine to enemies on purpose and there was no feed at 20:29 elapsed time.
  15. denied

    You provided a wrong replay, Please insert the correct once