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    RGC Username : OZON671GAMES Ban Reason + LINK : I was banned a long time ago(6 month) by a mod named Charbel. The reason was: my rudeness and shamelessness towards deceased member of mods team. Charbel found my words to be offensive because he was emotional at the time (you can see that by reading his abusive language towards me). PLEASE READ WHOLE DIALOG! Reason of Appeal : The incident happened six months ago and I thought about it a lot during this time. I was very confused at that moment and was not aware of what happened. I would like to publicly apologize to the deceased moderator. Six months was enough to realize that my actions were unacceptable, but I also think that the moderator's words were rather rude and unacceptable in commun with people. There was no notification about anything regarding the incident and I was just not aware. I want to apologize a millon times to the deceased and mods team and ask you to kindly compunban and clientunban me. I just wanted to play dota with friends and not engage with RGC mods politics. And I want to play dota with my friends again after long 6 months.