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  1. solved

    Hi In this game, I bought Devine for Leo but the thing was that when I got it, it was not written in the map that Leo have purchased Devine and I could easily drop and retake it without being dead. around min 48
  2. granted

    his id: HittheKnight leaver
  3. granted

    Thank you for the report. It will help me to do the undone stuff but one thing as a advice to you: dont get so much serious in pub game otherwise you would get liver damage
  4. granted

    his id: DivineCommander leaver
  5. granted

    his id: PerSiaN^_^StOrM he feeded mid first and then left
  6. denied

    his id: fredzeugeek94 he is void and make ult for enemies to kill feniks (his team) Min 29 ; Min 35:55
  7. Around min 20, Lion, nessaj and Pudge come with ults but still die against lone
  8. Auto balance is not solving the problem. Day by day the quality of pub games are getting worse and solo good players are getting disappointed Something like MMR or like this is needed to be added
  9. denied

    his previous id which is banned active in iran room : SwoodY his current id which plays in iran room while banned: swoody! PS: he is Western which I posted his buypass few days ago
  10. denied

    his id : #Mr-Western Id e ke alan dar ban hast o in account sakhte shodash: #Mr.Western Emruz ba id e #Mr-Western play dade dar hali ke ba #Mr.Western ban active hast
  11. solved

    No problem and btw, Please bring the Scepter aghanim applaication of Dota 2 for wisp for the next patch. Without it, it seems to be a little useless
  12. solved

    Hi After dethering from bara, min 18, I have no control over wisp, no skill and movement works till Bara dies again and it works.
  13. closed!

    Hi if you check the reply you see that Geomancer is disconnected and reconnected from the game in early minutes and even when he is kicked by afk, still slot 6 (Geomancer) is disconnected and reconnected from the game
  14. his id : ~AmiR:D Apart from feeding 0/16/1 on purpose, he makes item but selling to loose gold min 30 and 36
  15. leave in 1st minute his id: zakaria..