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  1. granted

    GRANTED OngGiaTrinhTiet has been unbanned by DzeL-. /j LoD Asia Thank you for reaching out through our forum, have a nice day!
  2. solved

  3. solved

  4. GRANTED /j LoD Asia
  5. denied

    DENIED Runes already spawned and kills were drawn. You pinged urself before those things happened and made a conclusion a minute after. Also, the point is you can only remake a game if atleast half of the concerned players agree. Sure you have full authority on your rooms once it is on lobby, but once it starts, it says the opposite. You wouldn't be banned if no one is inconvenienced by this in the first place. I'm sorry but you're gonna have the three day ban, have a nice day!
  6. granted

    GRANTED `Jaja~ has been unvouched.
  7. granted

    GRANTED xxRIVALxx has been unbanned by DzeL-. Since you have a clean record, please do read headers next time. This will be the last time we will overlook this. Thank you for using our forum, have a nice day!
  8. solved

    SOLVED Closed.
  9. solved

    SOLVED Closed.
  10. granted

    GRANTED Thank you very much for using our forum, have a nice day!
  11. denied

    DENIED Despite having smooth ping throughout the game, cases like this are not always intentional DC. Could've been a sudden power cut or something. Faceless void was playing so fine until he got Disconnected whereas it doesn't show any signs of motives to disconnect. Thank you for using our forum, have a nice day!
  12. GRANTED It is clear and apparent based on what you said. lod_is_babe is now timebanned from this channel until 04:50 on 13/04/2020 Thank you very much for reporting, have a nice day!
  13. granted

    GRANTED next time bili ka ulam before laro pre, binigyan kita chance kase relate ako dito sa pinas. markcruz_06 has been unbanned by DzeL-. sa susunod wala nang patawad. Stay Safe!
  14. solved

    moved it from LoD Asia Forum, ty
  15. solved