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  1. Team Name : S2W Team Members: BVX Suckmytitties HYY~ Blade-Uzメ xddメ 六donyoku- TBA
  2. Team Name: S2W/Connect Team Capt: BVX , 244064954 Team Members: 六Donyoku- Buuuメ xddメ HYY~ Skullfield~ TBA
  3. Team Name: S2W Team Captain: BVX Team Members: 1. HYY~ 2. Suckmytitties 3. xddメ 4. War|Frog神 5. 六Donyoku- 6. TBA
  4. TEAM NAME: S2W Team Captain: BVX , 244064954 Team Members: 六Donyoku- 〤Uz神 Suckmytitties xddメ HYY~
  5. Team Name: AmongUS Team Captain: BVX , 244064954 Team Members: 1. Chowchow- 2. HYY~ 3. SuckMyTitties 4. 六Donyoku- 5. 〤Uz神 6. kozuki.oden-
  6. Team Name: Connect Team Captain: BvX, 244064954 Team Members: 1. 六Donyoku- 2. Chowchow- 3. HYY~ 4. Skullfield~ 5. 〤Uz神 6. Kozuki.Oden-
  7. Team Name: HENTAIBOIS Team Captain: BvX , 244064954 Team Members: 1. HYY~ 2. Chowchow- 3. TBA 4. TBA Team Reserve: 1. TBA 2. TBA
  8. granted

    I'm here for sincerely apologize even your accusation was wrong. my account dynamite was get banned because it was related for sean._ and im the other guy. My computer got banned coz it was originally my account . he just borrowed it. aladdin im being honest here. i ddnt use any related tools that you have mention. im just a normal player that love to play dota. @ALADDIN but i am here to apologize if i commited a mistake. i just want to play. thanks! <3
  9. granted

    HI Sir I apoligize for what i did wrong for bypassing hope to get a chance to play rgc again. im sorry. @ALADDIN Thank you!!! <3
  10. denied

    HI Sir my computer got banned coz it related with one account dynamite^^ who borrowed by someone. I ddnt know why i got banned. i don't have any issues with rgc hacks or what they called bypassing. i don't know what's that either hope you will check my login infos. i appeal to get unban. Thanks!
  11. my computer got banned coz related to Dynamite^^ hope you check it. I don't use that account coz it belongs to someone. you can check my login info if had issues with by passing.
  12. Display Name: Gem._ Hi can you check my logs if i got history nor had bypass records? my computer got banned i don't know why because of some related accounts just got logged on in others. hope to check well. i don't have issues with bypass or any kind of abuse in rgc. thanks @Froz @Dr.Spy
  13. Team Name: HentaiBois Team Captain: Gem._ 244064954 Team Members: !fourth Chowchow- PuckGod- HYY~ Team Reserve: Koyalel
  14. Team Name: HentaiSean._ Team Captain (RGID): Gem._ 244064954 Members: 1. HYY~ 2. !fourth 3. Chowchow- 4. Puckgod- Reserves: 1. Koyalel 2.TBA
  15. closed!

    Your Display Name: Reported Display Name: -majcomtech-Reason: banning without warned and this is not the first time he banned players http://prntscr.com/qqavyg He clearly says kick and then i recon the when i open my rgc i got banned. https://prnt.sc/qqb79y Room: Philippines