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  1. Referring to the above, I am a Malaysian channel admin representative wanting to ask the RGC Admin, Asia Senior RGC Staff for the sponsorship of this channel. We are looking for this channel sponsor to re-activate this channel as in the past and in the meantime the dota match game will run daily. I believe it will happen if we get a sponsor from you. If you agree to become a sponsor for Malaysia channel, I have a plan, I will explain if you are ready to become a sponsor of the Malaysian channel. The Malaysian channel strongly requires sponsors to be active again. We really need your help and we look forward to it. Thank you.
  2. Please tell me why this happen? I can't open my RGC. Always like this! When i login this issue will appear. Hmm..
  3. ʜαρργ
  4. First, thanks for your response. Western Union and pay pays can be used in Malaysia but as I said it requires a lot of processes and maybe there are still people who do not know how to use it. If there is a valid RGD seller in Malaysia, will make it easier for RGC players to buy RGD. Like philippines, RGC has placed a legitimate RGD sales representative there. Appoint a valid RGD seller in Malaysia and the buyer will only pay the RGD price through the bank available in Malaysia. For an appointed RGD dealer, he will deal with RGC for the sale that has been made. That means we only need a representative of malaysia to make it easier for us to buy RGD without going through many processes and without fraud. That's my suggestion.
  5. Malaysian channel wants to find sponsor for Dota match (5vs5 match and SFvsSF). Will RGC Staff sponsor if we need them? If not, how can I find a sponsor? We need help from RGC Staff to run event in Malaysia Channel. Hopely ; -RGC Highest Staff -RGC Admin -RGC Staff -Asia RGC Staff -RGC Events Team yours sincerely ; RGC Id ; ʜαρργ (Malaysia Channel Admin)
  6. 1. Your RGC Display Name: ʜαρργ 2. Age : 33 3. Country : Malaysia 4. Languages you speak : English, Malay & Sabahan Language 5. How often active are you: 8-12 hours (everday)
  7. Your RGC Display Name: : ʜαρργ Age : 33 Country : Malaysia Languages you speak : English, Malay & Sabahan language How often active are you? : everyday Where do you play? : Home
  8. Your RGC Display Name: : ʜαρργ Age : 33 Country : Malaysia Languages you speak : English, Malay & Sabahan language How often active are you? : everyday Where do you play? : Home
  9. I suggest that the Malaysian channel made 5v5 (team vs team) or 1v1 (Sf vs Sf) tournament. This proposal I propose to create the malaysian channel to be active again because as we can see the malaysia channel is getting lonely. I hope the malaysian channel staff take this seriously. I also hope that the RGC Staff that rely on the Asian channel can assist malaysia channel in this regard and sponsor in any tournament in Malaysia. suggestion for ; -RGC Admin -Asia RGC Staff -RGC Events Team -Malaysia Staff Suggested by ; RGC id; ʜαρργ
  10. I recommend the RGC to appoint a valid RGD seller in Malaysia so that Dota 1 players at RGC can buy RGD easily. This proposal I proposed because we in Malaysia are hard to buy RGD, though there is a way other than this but it is very difficult to do. I hope this suggestion can be considered. Suggested by, RGC id: ʜαρργ
  11. RGC is the best Gaming Cilent Ever...GOOD JOB GUY especially RGC STAFF.