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  1. denied

    (1).Your RGC username : general_mike(2).The Game-ruiner(s) RGC username(s) : aRecluse (3):GameLog: This guy left the game voluntarily in 3:29.The game was remaked afterwards.
  2. granted

  3. solved

    My username:general_mike User reported:Ownagepubplayer Reason:Abusing the kick command in public signed game i inserted the image.This user has a rank of 600.
  4. denied

    In case you didnt notice,now akuto|sai is renamed to russianeagle. Here is the game log:
  5. denied

    My username:general_mike User Reported:Akuto|Sai Replay: Time Stamps: 2:44(elapsed replay time)-Going from top rune to bottom rune knowing that top will be engaged by pudge and crystal 26:51(elapsed replay time)- using stun from fog knowing that shaker is near the tw 33:46(elapsed replay time)- silencer farmed woods and alche didnt continue pushing,then trying to ambush nortrom but he cancelled it knowing that the team was going top 35:03(elapsed replay time) knowing that the team was coming to ambush,he instantly tp top-he had no vision from wards In the forum,i saw that this user is considered to be Sunshine. with another account,bypassing the computer ban.As it seems ,he "comes" from france,but in the game,he wrote something in russian,in 00:27 from the beginning of the game. russian i think.In the thread where he got banned,he made a movement with lina,stunning ursa in fog.As it seems,in our game he prepared a stun from fog to kill shaker in tw,while shaker was going bot moving and not by teleporting.We all know that alche wont prepare his stun if he doesnt know a hero is nearby,or be sure about that.For a "good" player like him,this mistake is forbidden.As i dont have that much experience in detecting maphacks,i would like to please the anti-hack team,to have a better look on the replay. 00:27 SENTINEL Akuto|Sai 8 шы
  6. denied

  7. denied

  8. granted

    (1).Your RGC username : general_mike(2).The Game-ruiner(s) RGC username(s) : Y4LL$H!T(3).Replay and Game-Log Link : This guy fed mid and left on 14:27 game time.
  9. denied

    (1).Your RGC username : general_mike(2).The Game-ruiner(s) RGC username(s) : BranoMilacic(3).Replay and Game-Log Link : What Happened : He intentionally followed me in woods to ruin my farm,threatened him with a report and he continued to do that for 3-4 times.He provoked neutrals from spawning.He did it 3 times.(5).Specify EXACT time-stamps for when this user began wrecking your game. He did it from 9.10 until 10:40.
  10. denied

    My username:general_mike User Reported:Inexpugnable Replay: Time Stamps: 1-9:55 slark knows where potm exactly is and chase her in fog 2-14:25 slark goes straight ahead to mortred on woods 3-24:35 slark opens dust while slardar comes with invi About the last action i am not quite sure but im sure he uses maphack.If you need more details,i'll try to find.