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  1. !support Username: An0malia Hero: Slark RGID #244224976 13:24 Slark killed sf in mid lane. (Normal) 15:30 Weaver escaped and went away from slark and used 2nd skill two times and slark killed weaver without any dusk or ward using pact and pounce. (Suspicious) 26:50 Slark managed to find sf in top rune place, I think slark is just gonna get rune but saw sf instead. (Normal) 39:00 Slark saw sf in trees and there was no ward and there was no dust. Shadow fiend used lothars to escaped and slark still killed him using pact even if sf is running zigzag. (MH) GameLog: Replay:
  2. staff1

    !unsupport Username: Dns_Roli Hero: Tiny RGID #244278020 26:00 Tiny Pudge and Naix killed Mortred (Normal) 27:40 Tiny together with his team pushing mid and killed sandking. (Normal) GameLog: Replay:
  3. moved

    !unsupport Username: alexguti706xxx Hero: Pudge RGID #243856398 16:49 Pudge used dagger to kill terror blade on mid lane. (Normal) 18:27 Pudge used hook aiming pudge but didn't manage to hit hook. Has ward in there. (Normal) 18:45 Pudge used dagger ss to jakiro killing him. Jakiro is visible since there is ward. (Normal) Not enough to ban user. GameLog: Replay:
  4. granted

    Your Display Name: Sir-Squeee Reported Display Name:annanyohossain Room: (Asia) Public Replay: Timestamps: 33:20 Elapse time Reason: Failure to defend base for being afk in 5 mins got booted kickafk leading to a defeat.
  5. staff1

    !unsupport Username: ____[10]DGarcia Hero: Slardar RGID #237554990 4:48 Slardar went back running away from enchantress. He has no vision prior to him running back. (Suspicious) 17:24 Lina went to trees to try to escape but slardar and jugger(teammate) went to her to kill her. (Normal) 31:27 Slardar dagged to lina in trees after killing jakiro(enemy) but lina was visible in map prior to killing jakiro. (Normal but a little suspicious) 41:02 While lina is escaping from clash slardar chased her and lina got visible from map so slardar managed to kill her. (Normal) Not enough to ban the user. GameLog: Replay:
  6. denied

    !unsupport Username: Assasin51 Hero: Clockwerk RGID #234589277 18:05, 18:40 & 18:42 - Nothing happened on these mention timestamps 20:00 Clockwerk used hookshot towards bara in second tower mid lane, bara is visible from ward. (Normal) 21:04 Clockwerk used hookshot to sniper, sniper is visible cause of creeps in lane. (Normal) 21:30 Sniper maanged to escaped from clockwerk. Sniper on his way to base ancient apparition used ss causing sniper to be visible from sentinel team that's why clockwerk used rocket flare where he estimated it correctly. (Normal) Not enough to ban the user. GameLog: Replay:
  7. solved

    Same reported player Elviscocho~ Replay: GameLog: Please refer here
  8. denied

    !unsupport Username: Elviscocho~ Hero: Tuskar RGID #244132875 6:36 - Tuskar used snowball to crystal maiden but cm was still on vision and both are in high grounds. (Normal) 9:20 - Tuskar was chasing bara on mid but he lost vision and went behind the first tower to chase. But bara stayed in first tower. After sometime tuskar went back and bara is on his way home as well. Tuskar went back behind the first tower like he knew bara is on his way home. (Suspicious) 16:00 - 17:00 Tuskar killed cm and bristleback while on clash and he has vision because cm and bristle are killing shredder(tuskar's teammate). (Normal) 18:00 - 19:00 Tuskar Tped from base to bottom to help teammate while getting killed. They won clash. Nothing suspicious happened. (Normal) 19:00 - 20:00 Tuskar was running from spectre from getting killed runned from bottom lane to mid lane. Nothing suspicious happened on this time. (Normal) 20:00 - 21:00 Tuskar killed spectre in top lane and was running because of too low hp. He used tp to escape before bara hitting his charge. (A little suspicious) Not enough to ban the user. GameLog: Replay:
  9. denied

    !unsupport Username: [email protected]_77 Hero: Invoker RGID #240696836 13:25 - At this if we are looking at elapsed time, it's just a clash where invoker got low. Nothing happened. (Normal) 15:51 - (13:13 gameplay time) Ursa used smoke of deceit and there's a ward when he used it that's why they knew ursa smoked and went to rs. (Normal) 16:25 - At this time ursa died in roshan pit because scourge team together with invoker went to rosh to kill ursa. (Normal) 19:06 - (16:25 gameplay time) Invoker used sunstrike to kill lone druid on top lane but he was visible. (Normal) Not enough to ban the user. GameLog: Replay:
  10. Tour Date: August 2, 2020 For more details please check the main thread here. Registration Format Team Name : WoDotA Team Captain with RGID : Sir-Squeee , 229421283 Team Members with RGID :
  11. Tour Date: July 26, 2020 For more details please check the main thread here. Registration Format Team Name : WoDotA Team Captain with RGID : Sir-Squeee , 229421283 Team Members with RGID :
  12. Tour Date: July 19, 2020 For more details please check the main thread here. Registration Format Team Name : WoDotA Team Captain with RGID : Sir-Squeee , 229421283 Team Members with RGID :
  13. Tour Date: July 12, 2020 For more details please check the main thread here. Registration Format Team Name : WoDotA Team Captain with RGID : Sir-Squeee , 229421283 Team Members with RGID :
  14. ASIA.GAMING JULY WEEKLY TOURNAMENT Did you miss playing 5vs5 tours every week? Have a team worthy to claim the title? With the rise of influence, we welcome you to a five versus five weekly tournament that will open the floodgates for epic gaming. Let the games begin! ***50 games minimum requirement for all participants. Game count will be monitored for main, reserve and substitute players.*** TOURNAMENT INFORMATION Channel : Asia.Gaming Map : Mode : -cmzm Server : (.sg bot) Slots: Unlimited RMT: 8:00 Tournament Schedule: Sundays of July 2020 Tournament Format: Single Elimination (Finals will still be Bo3) Registered Team: Minimum of 4 teams must be registered weekly or the tournament will be postponed and move to the next date. There will be a strict implementation of a 15 minute grace period for all participants, after event start and games created but if opponent is willing to wait then longer grace period. (We start counting when game is hosted) Reserve players may play in a main players stead ANYTIME but a team can only substitute listed players during the first round. Substitutes will only be allowed if they comply with the minimum game requirement and have not been listed as a player for any other team in the weekly event. There is no region restriction, everybody is welcome to participate. Rules are subject to change. Please check tread from time to time. GENERAL RULES ***Applicable ingame and public/lobby chat*** Ill-mannered players will be disqualified and unvouched on the spot. Cheating or bug abuse will lead to auto-disqualification and ban from event. Map Hacking will lead to client ban. Use of chat to bully/taunt players can and will lead to disqualification, depending on staff discretion and gravity of offense. Pause discretion is advised. Do not use it to ruin the game and always inform everybody via a countdown before pause/unpause (3,2,1 *pause*). !Latency can only be used if/when everybody consents. There will be no game remake AFTER first blood or 5 minutes after creep spawn. No item restrictions. Rules can be changed/adjusted depending on situation and/or organizer discretion. Be patient enough when there is some delays regarding the tournament and be at help because organizers will be packed that time. Unvouch if violate. CLICK HERE TO CHECK GLOBAL RULES FOR DOTA CLICK HERE TO CHECK GLOBAL TOURNAMENT RULES PRIZES Weekly Tournament Winner: 100 RGDs + RC for 1 month Asia.Gaming & Whitehouse Weekly Runner-Up Team: Room Champion on Whitehouse Each winning team can join next weekly tours. ***For any questions please do not hesitate to message me or anyone from the Asia.Gaming Staff. *** Registration Links: First July Tour: CLICK HERE FOR REGISTRATION (Open for Registration) Second July Tour: CLICK HERE FOR REGISTRATION Third July Tour: CLICK HERE FOR REGISTRATION Fourth July Tour: CLICK HERE FOR REGISTRATION Registration Format (rgid is required) Team Name : WoDotA Team Captain with RGID : Sir-Squeee , 229421283 Team Members with RGID : Team Reserve with RGID: Tournament Brought to you by: Ranked Gaming Client Tournament Head/Organizer: Sir-Squeee , ILOILO· Special Thanks: Hakka , Charbel, Goat|, SirQ , Froz , Aladdin, RGC Team Tournament Crew Management : Asia.Gaming Staff
  15. Congratulations to the following winners: Champion: 狼矛之矛 2nd Place: HjYWingS 3rd Place: TenSeiGaN See you next tour Bracket: Tour Participants: