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  1. CONGRATULATIONS Champion: HentaiBois ( HYY~ ChowChow- !Fourth Gem._ PuckGod- ) Runner Up: Paris ( ~AinsleyHale BabyCOBS -aigooooo- Luizandro EαʂყOɳҽ) Bracket :
  2. Maxsy-
  4. Wrong post which means it's not reported because of suspected maphacking. Game is played in Argentina Post it here instead DENUNCIAS:
  5. granted

    Your Display Name: AceReported Display Name: K1Ter_PeRrOsRoom: (Asia) PublicReplay: 5:17Reason: K1Ter_PeRrOs has left the game voluntarily.
  6. staff1-2

    Unsupport Username: Rayxit0_Gozu Hero: Sven RGID #232933540 11:18 Sven used tp to escape from being ganked by pudge and veno. (Normal) 17:18 After the illusion of pudge was in mid and got hit by creeps, sven went back and farm since the map is so dark. (Normal) 19:52 Sven used dagger and kill pudge who was at high ground. Scourge team has vision where pudge is. (Normal) 21:50 Both teams had clash and scourge team had vision cause of ward. (Normal) The reported user did nothing suscpicious. Gamelog: Replay:
  7. staff1-2-3

    Hi sorry but its better for you to give us all timestamps where he was suspicious.
  8. staff1-2-3

    Unsupport Username: gaboboyan Hero: Lion RGID #243984849 15:20 Lion used stun to morphling who was invi from moonlight shadow. Morphling run to base normally so its obvious where morph went and lion had prior vision. (Normal) Gamelog: Replay:
  9. staff1-2

    Unsupport Username: $akaV3nda$ Hero: Sniper RGID #241675874 31:00 Sniper and Rhasta killed Jakiro together in mid lane when Jakiro was alone. (Normal) 34:50 When sf used lothars to kill sniper, sniper went back and at the time sf was at front of sniper sniper turned around and went to wards. (Suspicious) 38:00 Players had a normal clash and sniper was able to escape. (Normal) Not enough to accuse the user maphacker. Gamelog: Replay:
  11. (Asia) Warlock October 2020 1v1 Tournament Warlock Intro In the face of demonic power, most heroes see death. Warlocks see only opportunity. Dominance is their aim, and they have found a path to it in the dark arts. Its gonna be a 1v1 game. Main thing in this game is to kill opponents/push them on to lava and there are various spells inventories but pick them carefully. Wrong spells can get you defeated easily. Choose wisely and play with dominance. Prizes Champion: 200 RGDS + Warlock Champion (Valid for this month) 1st Runner Up: 100 RGDS + Room Champion (Valid for this month) 2nd Runner Up: 50 RGDS + Room Champion (Valid for this month) Tournament Information Platform : Ranked Gaming Client Room : (Asia) Warlock (Type /j (Asia) Warlock) Bot : SG Date : October 11, 2020 (Sunday) Time : RMT 12:00 Tournament Format : Single Elimination (Finals Bo3) Required Minimum Participants is 12 (If registered players count wont reach 12 then the tournament will be postponed to another date) Tournament Rules Disqualification Time - 20 Mins on 1st Round, On following rounds 15 Mins Not Allowed To Use Any Bug Issued From The Game. If a player disconnects under 5 minutes, the game has to be remaked, else the the opponent wins. (If both players has same score) If a player disconnects after 5 minutes, and can't reconnect then the opponent wins. If a player wishes to pause , he/she must inform the opponent and then pause, maximum pause time allowed = 3 min , after which the opponent can resume the game. If a player wants to change latency he/she must ask their opponent first. Only if the opponent agrees, the latency can be changed. If a player set latency accidentally but not knowing about the rule about it, game can be remade ONCE De-Sync wont be entertained. Ingame Rules & Information ✖1 VS 1 Mode: a (type !mode a in lobby) ✖Map Link 1.02: [ ] ✖HostBot: .sg ✖-2 minutes pause is allowed for each player. ✖-Remake is allowed with the SAME score. (if both agrees the game should be remaked) ✖!Latency is allowed *20* (If both players agrees) ✖Before pausing/unpausing (3..2..1..) ✖Tour start at 12:00 RMT for more info /time ✖-Cape Item is not allowed. ✖-Ghost + Link + Time shift combo is not allowed in any form. Registration Format IGN: Sir-Squeee (Drop RGID if you are planning to change your username) If you have any questions don't hesitate to whisper any staff just type /j (Asia) Warlock Event Brought you by : RANKED GAMING CLIENT Event Head : Sir-Squeee Channel Manager : Hakka
  12. denied

    51:51 Sniper used smoke. Nobody in the game used maphack tool. Denied and closed.
  13. ASIA.GAMING SEPTEMBER 2ND 5V5 TOURNAMENT Did you miss playing 5vs5 tournament? Have a team worthy to claim the title? With the rise of influence, we welcome you to a five versus five weekly tournament that will open the floodgates for epic gaming. Let the games begin! ***50 games minimum requirement for all participants. Game count will be monitored for main, reserve and substitute players.*** TOURNAMENT INFORMATION Channel : Asia.Gaming Map : 7.00e4 Mode : -cmzm Server : (.sg bot) Slots: Unlimited RMT: 8:00 Tournament Schedule: September 27, 2020 Tournament Format: Single Elimination (Finals will still be Bo3) Registered Team: Minimum of 4 teams must be registered or the tournament will be postponed and move to different date. There will be a strict implementation of a 15 minute grace period for all participants, after event start and games created but if opponent is willing to wait then longer grace period. (We start counting when game is hosted) Reserve players may play in a main players stead ANYTIME but a team can only substitute listed players during the first round. Substitutes will only be allowed if they comply with the minimum game requirement and have not been listed as a player for any other team in the weekly event. There is no region restriction, everybody is welcome to participate. Rules are subject to change. Please check thread from time to time. GENERAL RULES ***Applicable ingame and public/lobby chat*** Ill-mannered players will be disqualified and unvouched on the spot. Cheating or bug abuse will lead to auto-disqualification and ban from event. Map Hacking will lead to client ban. Use of chat to bully/taunt players can and will lead to disqualification, depending on staff discretion and gravity of offense. Pause discretion is advised. Do not use it to ruin the game and always inform everybody via a countdown before pause/unpause (3,2,1 *pause*). !Latency can only be used if/when everybody consents. There will be no game remake AFTER first blood or 5 minutes after creep spawn. No item restrictions. Rules can be changed/adjusted depending on situation and/or organizer discretion. Be patient enough when there is some delays regarding the tournament and be at help because organizers will be packed that time. CLICK HERE TO CHECK GLOBAL RULES FOR DOTA CLICK HERE TO CHECK GLOBAL TOURNAMENT RULES PRIZES Weekly Tournament Winner: 100 RGDs + RC for 1 month Asia.Gaming Runner Up Team: 50 RGDs + Team Captain ***For any questions please do not hesitate to message me or anyone from the Asia.Gaming Staff. *** Registration Links: Registration Format Team Name: WoDotA Team Captain: Sir-Squeee , 229421283 Team Members: Team Reserve: Tournament Brought to you by: Ranked Gaming Client Tournament Head/Organizer: Sir-Squeee , ILOILO Special Thanks: Hakka , Charbel, SirQ , Froz , Aladdin, RGC Team Tournament Crew Management : Asia.Gaming Staff
  14. granted

    Your Display Name: Ace Reported Display Name: 0nly8YearsOld Room: Philippines Replay: Timestamps: Gameplay Time 15:00 Reason: Pause while clash
  15. denied

    The duration for you to update your thread have pass. Post again with proper format and timestamps. Thank you !Denied and closed.