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  1. denied

    my username : Nyctophilia-| Reported name: ptrn. 5aLeR^ Reason : quit game retard spoilers proof : time stamp: min 14:00
  2. solved

    I truly apologize for the mistake which I've made. please forgieve me.
  3. solved

    My username : YourSoulIzMin3| and Nyctophilia-| Reported Username : Cedric Abuse type : He ban my account again. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? THIS ISSUE WAS SOLVED BY SANIN AND HE JUST BANNED WITHOUT EVEN MENTIONING IT? RETARD ADMIN CEDRIC HAD ENOUGH OF YOU. THIS IS NOT YOUR OWN CLIENT YOU STUPID. YOU JUST THINK I AM A MAPHACKER SO YOU BAN ME EVERYWHERE? Dude I tried to be nice to you because it was my mistake at the begining that i bypassed. But now you are acting cocky and cool here. Proof : Proof:
  4. granted

    my username : Nyctophilia-| Reported name: BBC-420 Reason : Spoiler proof : time stamp: No specific timestamps, he fed whole game and kept following me after min 10 and left the game
  5. granted
  6. granted

    My name : GuyFromThaiLand report name : holy.moly reason : Racist guy proof :
  7. denied

    Ruined your game? In what sense? Crystal maiden needed mid too? I saw the replay. You picked alchemist and went mid with 1 tango set? what do you think? That someone will give you mid? Retarded human, your post will be denied Goodluck
  8. solved

    You are Sick Man. You already got answer. keep spamming.
  9. solved

    Don't spam posts please. I've already answered you on the other one.
  10. My username : YourSoulIzMin3| Reported Username : Cedric ( colonelpatron ) Abuse type : Kick and ban me without proof from game because he thought I am Hacker and Bypasser. Proof : In detail : I was Sf Well, After reading the full chat, Guess what i found? Racism again by Cedric Proof:
  11. closed

    Proof of I'm not a Bypasser - <- This screenshot is of my new account, you can't see banhistory because moon cleared it. <- This screenshot is of my other account which is "ACCOUNTBANNED" by cedric because he "assumes" i am a bypasser. <- This screenshot says I was unbanned by Froz and Ace because it was Invalid ban by Cedric and was given a Chance but Cedric again banned my Account. And several other accounts which are ACCOUNT BANNED but my IP is unbanned. @U_Talking_To_Me @Hyoyatika you think I bypass right? Please answer this question. I wasn't banned in any channel no compban/clientban. Why would i bypass if i am not banned? Just jelous that i play better and owned you and talk in game? doesn't mean you report me for no reason?
  12. closed

    Dear U_talking_to_me , do you even know the rules? In order to ban with prntscreen reasons, the channel name should be visible so that it can be proved that it happened in specific room. You have just a prntscreen where it says the name and its you who abused. Not me. Provide full screenshots please. Nice story you have come up with.
  13. closed

    I support RGC and I bought 2 times Global and 1 More time just now. I've been playing on this client from 5years. Hope you understand that I am not a bypasser