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  1. My Nick name :Mine game id:https://admin.rankedgaming.com/rooms/game.php?game=dota&id=70200040 replay in post files report leaver players :fuckyou1213 report gameruiner abuser wards syllabear , ask already so much time to give us wards for vision ,he still not give them syllabear abuse obs.w3g
  2. Tu nick de RGC: MineEdad: 29País: Chinese life in europe / french ¿Por qué quiere pertenecer al STAFF?: I am a person who likes to be a manager. I like to provide this room with management that I can do. Reject any insults to the game and create a good game environment ¿Cómo crees que puedes contribuir al STAFF?: I think the management of this room now needs to be strengthened.¿Haz tenido experiencia como staff anteriormente?: old staff in eu public, eu minitour,eu lod public ¿Cuanto tiempo libre dispone para ser STAFF?: 5-6h
  3. Nickname : Mine Country : China Hero : shadow fiend Description : ultra kill with low hp dodging skills with euls + dagger Time of replay : 23min - 24.30 W3 version : 1.26 sfd.w3g
  4. solved

    the staff StyleCalls abuse power unhost the game https://admin.rankedgaming.com/rooms/game.php?game=dota&id=69574959 thanks . can explain?
  5. solved

    hi sraff http://prntscr.com/1060lqt your staff Xx]D[aNyT[O]xX Admin Bolivia abuse power i just send one link of picture and he kick me about adv , i dont need adv ,i share picture = adv? adv about what ? can explain ?
  6. My Nick name :Mine game id: https://admin.rankedgaming.com/rooms/game.php?game=dota&id=69470861 replay link :http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1614007784 report 1st leaver :r6_997555588 report 2nd leaver:New.Nab the 1st leaver cuz have mate coming and intentional plug Internet and leave 【picture chat http://prntscr.com/103weej】 after 1st leaver ,they mates want continue ,dont want ff ,and the 2nd leave plugg too,after 1min ,they are in game lobby with mates https://prnt.sc/103w80y
  7. granted

    Hi Staffs I want clear my bH. i have ban from this game → https://board.rankedgaming.com/topic/1431051-leaver/ the situation is im not intentional leave the game ,is from war3 fatal error [ because i try changed war3 skins font but isnt work and fatal war3, of cause before game start ,i dont know it after this , i have re-install war3 with /j support staffs. I did not save the evidence at the time ,But what I said is true so ,please staffs ,give me the chance , clear my BH plz ,im not bad player in rgc , of cause im not leaver gameruiner too thanks.
  8. https://admin.rankedgaming.com/rooms/game.php?game=dota&id=69389190 Nick Name Mine im banned fron this game cuz i m leave in admin panel but ,im got fatal error cuz i try to change font war3 and i fail it , just unban plz ?
  9. denied

  10. denied

  11. denied

    https://admin.rankedgaming.com/rooms/game.php?game=dota&id=69355295 my nickname: Mine i report player :massacre)1 he leave the game when game start .already so much time http://prntscr.com/z3quz6 ← 1st picture ingame. and i told him ,i will report and he flame me http://prntscr.com/z3qzi9 ← picture flame
  12. solved

    Hi Support team i want change my name 23h59 > Mine but i cant do it on website .. plz help me for it i have item avtive picture > http://prntscr.com/xze5cy the bug is > http://prntscr.com/xze88e
  13. granted

    https://admin.rankedgaming.com/rooms/game.php?game=dota&id=69193107 report player :Çilek + 大枪 leaver the game when he feel lose it plz ban it
  14. 1. Your RGC UserName: 23h59 2. Age: 28 3. Country/Languages: From China , live french, speak :english,french,chinese. -(where do you live and what languages do you know) 4. Reports/Experience/Contributions ( Game-ruiners/Spoilers/Leavers ): Old staff in eu pub and mini tour ,Lod . i did self unvouched cuz have no time . now ,i think yes ,i have time
  15. http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1609677494 report player :Ju-Shou hero:furion when game start ,he start feed no stop ,intentional gameruiner hes already got computer ban from hakka i hope this time ,will be ip ban http://prntscr.com/wf9gw7