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    Report:TohsRotaerC11 reporter: wanglin sever:(asia)public Link Timestamp:6:46 reason: quitter you bloody 40% dc rate!!!!!!
  2. Your UserName: Wanglin Reported UserName: Kai|- Replay: Timestamps: 14:05-14::12 no one types all except him after I had mentioned THe husker
  3. denied

    Your UserName: Wanglin Reported UserName: TAMTINHGIUADOI Replay: Timestamps: 11:31 while I typed in "allies:", the viper suddenly complained about I was typing too much. can someone answer me here how the hell my enemy, the viper could see what I typed in allies. if this is not usual then it must be MH 100% without doubt
  4. granted

    Report:peaches7 reporter: wanglin sever:(asia)public Link: Timestamp:24:22 (-kickafk 2) reason: afk
  5. granted

    Report:RR.kelly sever:(asia)public Link Timestamp:0:38 reason: quitters
  6. granted

    คนเราไม่ได้น่าเกลียดซะทุกคนรู้ปะ? เราไม่ได้หรือดึงสาย สายมันหลวม เล่นคอมไปคอมมันดับเอง เพราะงั้นการที่คุณกล่าวถึงบุคคลอื่นด้วยภาษาเป็นสิ่งไม่ควรใช้ตั้งแรก การเลือกที่จะเสียเวลากับเรื่องที่ตัวเองเข้าใจผิด ฟังแล้วก็ไม่ถูกต้อง ความมั่นใจ หรือ ความเชื่อ เป็นสิ่งที่ดีก็ต่อเมื่อสิ่งที่เชื่อประกิบด้วยความจริง หากมันไม่ได้มีความจริงก็เหมือนการถูกหลอกด้วยความเชื่อตัวเอง หาอะไรทำเถอะมีความหลากหลาย อย่าสนใจเรื่องแค่นี้
  7. granted

    Report: 2050Account Reporter:Wanglin sever:(asia)public Link: Timestamp: 4:41 reason: stealing stack yanno I have stopped reporting people stealing my stacks long ago, but you reported me just because my Pc suddenly shut down after I had just killed Gyro then you used rude words against me in your report. I don't wanna report you due to me feeling weary out of interest, but you did it haha, weirdly enough.
  8. since yesterday I have started playing meepo by starting picking it since 2.05 every game without carrying anything the reasons are -I just wanna see how people counter meepo and how should I react to it -find out how many builds meepo could and what is the best in some situations -practice multitasking, and contemplate about what to do first and do last -find out the possibility of flexibility in intent and tight games. but what I have got mostly is toxicity from many players I assume about the underline impulsive why they do it: -pick meepo first in the beginning of the game is like insulting their Ego -they have trauma about meepo -they have the disposition to disrespect and trash-talk people whatever to my belief, -trash-talkers are just people who click mouse and keyboard and use it to hurt people. -they have too much angers, so it leaks from their mind to people around -they never respect others or many layers of life of others -they just try to satisfy their Ego -they just try to influence others about how mighty they are -they have bigger egos than the normal that tend to influence or overcontrol of others who don't believe the same things as themselves please make my teammates also haver been suffering in the game as mine. i think there are many many players who have suffered like me every day. in dota 2 it is multiplied 10 to 20 times players throw because teammates don't buy the item they think and trashtalk. this pattern repeats too much.
  9. denied

    Report: Pigment Reporter:Wanglin sever:Philipines Link: Timestamp: 2:01, 6:15 reason -shadow demon used its first skill to interrupt teammate ksing creeps -shadow refused to help Sf at mid when health and mana are max plus no cooldown of skills this means indirect feed to enemies.
  10. "Riki is the most broken hero in the history of dota" you can only rush The diffusal blade or power treads, 2 Wraith Band , and battlefury, actually I don't recommend power treads or wraith band, just boot of speed then straight to battlefury. the reason for that is the riki is a hero that really bad at investing to attack speed. even I buy power treads, manta, 2 wraith bands, and one butterfly its attack speed can only read 0.50 attack per second; however, if you watch its third skill, it will say"attack every 0.5 second for 2 seconds, which is 4 times" means that riki must invest more then 10 gold just to get the same attack speed as it third skill, thus anyone who build riki as hitters can be only understood as newbies. you probably see people build lriki with power treads, diffusal blade, basher, manta, eye of skadi, still you must never build it like this ever again. majority of dota 2 players know why in this path that we are playing V7.00e6. riki is almost unkillable because the skill " tricks of the trade combined with aghanism's Sceptre and Octarine orbs will make this skill cooldowns only 0.6 seconds. you can change some items to divine rapier to be a better speedster. diffusal blade and battle fury is a must in early game for farm and kill, however you would need battlefury in late game as well, while you can change diffusal blade to something else if you rush diffusal blade first, between level 7-11 you can deal damage around 800 rescues. first you need to blink to an enemy, attack one time, then use diffusal blade, then smoke and use tricks of the trade or just use tricks of the trade right away when the enemy don't have any counter move, and you must make sure when you use tricks of the trade, you must calculate the position you will land when the duration of the skill, tricks of the trade ends to fit to the back of the enemy to attack one again, then blink again if the enemy still not dead. riki used to counter ,tinker storm, puck, queen of pain, Windrunner, slayer, arc to be specific, plus every hero in the late game. riki is the strongest hero on this path. heroes you must be varied when playing riki: storm,techies ,meepo, queen of pain, puck, disruptor, axe, kukka, lycan, beast master, and many many more. ill only mention about hero that most people like to play against you and how they will kill you. -Puck is a hero that counters every hero that has the prefix "spirit" and when puck uses the ultimate against Riki, it is likely to die. -Storm can just bully riki in early game and rape Riki from when it spots riki. from early game to late game. -underlord, kukka, slayer, earthshaking, earth spirit. there are many pro players that can calculate the end time of tricks of the trade and stun Riki at the end time. -first don't fear godar or sladar these two are just like other heroes. average skill players will know like me when to avoid these counters. -you will get manta only when some of enemy have strong disable that would make you die like orchid, tracked. -riki can be easily countered with just orchid. many heroes are super strong and can out farm riki and rape him fast. -talents must pick level 10,15,20,25: attack speed 25 %(even picked this you still get around 0.98-1.1 attack per second in level 6-7, still you must pick it )-----, (talent smoke cooldown reduction": people invest 4000 gold just to get orchid silent for 5 seconds and cooldown 17 second", but you can use smoke that have silent Aoe plus evasion 55%-65% if I remember it correctly, so picking 30 damage only means idiotic in my perspective because backstab is already enough and in late game you will buy item like divine rapier anyways plus your average combo is hella strong, so get some is the best in everything), blink increasing in level 20 and tricks and the trade in level 25. riki never lacks damage no need to increase just lowly zero point %.... summarize: attack speed level 10, smoke level 15, blink level 20, tricks, and the trade level 25 -you must be careful about disruptor when it has aghanism. this hero is very hard to play in early game against pros, they know your trick and pattern, it's ez to get raped badly. My build would start with diffusal blade directly, but if the enemies in the lane seriously deal plent of my health, I would go for ring of regeneration first, then make diffusal blade later.
  11. denied

    Report:-BAYABAS Reporter:Wanglin sever:(asia)public Link: Timestamp: 46:18 Reason: The Skel headed back home, while watching friends dying and then said"Ez lose", "you don't deserve to win". in-game we would experience many emotional fluctuations, but there must some bottom line of what you would say or do like when you hitting ancient creeps and I didn't hit yours. you can't disagree with people, and people also can't disagree against you, but there must be a bottom line, a bottom line. we are gonna lose......likely; however, we should put a good fight before losing, don't you agree? there were many games where my teammates didn't see the hope of victory and decided to quit or just AFK, and there are many games where I emerged victoriously. t
  12. denied

    Report:Still.MVP Reporter:Wanglin sever:(asia)public Link: Timestamp: 1:21, 38:36 Reason: well the first time, it killed me then pause and said "ez", the second time It paused after all of us died. there is no rude words, but they talked around 6-7 lines after that. throughout my days there are many meaningful stuffs in my mind. whenever I play dota I feel like putting stones to make a higher tower stone. I don't know what on your mind to do with this, but your interrupt my time, for me there might be 20-30 phenomenon appear in every second, but for you after killed me you paused. I just think"oh does this guy hit me or something" oh my god it really did pause, then it paused again the same criteria. then memory from my past years of dota 1 and 2 just how many people pause I think more than 2000 times. The similar scenes always make me feel like wanna puke. you might feel fresh but for me who have good memory don't feel like that. pausing like this is like mental illness.
  13. denied

    Your UserName: Wanglin Reported UserName:hoyhoyhoyoyyoyo Replay: Timestamps:31:57 The seven tried to destroy the trap, however due to no vision the seven stuck in that position a few second, then moved on as if nothing happened only one suspect point, but this is enough through my eyes to understand it. I have grown up in Thai dota 1 sever(TCG) with several MHs., anyways it depends on you guys
  14. Report:wasap123 Reporter:Wanglin sever:(asia)public Link: Timestamp: 11:13 Reason: quitting niax is a hero that has slow farming rate, unless you stay in one lane and have one support. compare with heroes that can fast jungle, niax is pretty far behind others. huskar will get armlet or 2500 gold of item in 6 minutes same as enigma, while niax will get around 8-9 minutes, even skeleton king will get 2500 value of item around 6 minutes. .if skel and niax were to fight, Niax would lose 100% with the same items. niax can counter some heroes: kukka, zeus, gyrocopter, axe , centaur, underlord, spectre, bloodseeker , jakiro, legion commander, tiny, phoenix, techies, and more.
  15. granted

    Report:wasap123 Reporter:Wanglin sever:(asia)public Link: Timestamp: 11:13 Reason: quitting