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  1. granted

    Name:Wanglin Report:Pramajeet Room: ASia(public) Replay: 18:01 ks my natural creeps, 18:50 Ks CK"s hitting creep, 20:33 teleport to 3 enemies. 22:08-22:13 refusing hitting or skilling enemies until I died Reason: abusing teammates, spoiling enemies, and feeding intentionally
  2. granted

    Name:WanglinReport:bambaruushaaRoom: ASia(public)Replay: 17:20Reason: quitter
  3. denied

    Name:Wanglin Report:Im.yOurZ.:3 Room: ASia(public) Replay: Timestamps:13:23-13:42 Reason: 11:30 I around there I said I needed that natural creep that he was hitting, but he didn't stop it was fine now I see that natural creep having been waiting for, I just waited my helm of dominator recoodlowned again instead of going mid and got ez money, slark turned back but Slark changed his mind and stole that natural creep Ive been waiting for 6 minutes this natural creep has tornado skill it can clear ancient stack. this is a bully for sure there is no reason for Sslark to bother me just that creep, cos there are 4 camps and mid lane waiting for him, but he didn't go, but stole the important one isntead.
  4. granted

    Name:Wanglin Report:8xBullshit Room: ASia(public) Replay:- Timestamps: RMT (Server Time):18:59 11/16/2020 Reason: racism I don't have The required picture only have The picture on this post, but if I check on the time I mention, then you will see.
  5. granted

    First, we live on the same planet and as humans. second: people can't choose which nationality they will be born to. Third, you create differentiation to express your worthless being. means that everyone is not a toy in your mind for you to express anything at will. I"m done
  6. granted

    Reporter: Wanglin Report:[email protected]@1sever::(Asia)public Link: 23:40 reason: quitter
  7. granted

    Reporter: Wanglin Report: -=-josdapogi-=-sever::(Asia)public Link: 34:40 reason: AFK you always mentioned buying BKB, SF BKB, but yanno we win with neither you or BKB and the last time before you died, I said" get back waiting that kukka farming at top, but you just went solo at bot, after died you AFked. alright, I proved you without BKB think I have won like this 11 games streaks already except only 1 game with BKB, I think
  8. granted

    Reporter: Wanglin Report: ProToTypo77sever::(Asia)public Link: 24:21 reason:quitter
  9. granted

    The first feed the second feed and finally die to that storm The third feed and die to someone the forth time, but because no one interests in him, so upon reaching the destiny it TP home
  10. granted it appears to be downloading forever. one of staff also downloaded and uploaded and it appeared the same the attachment is working fine
  11. granted

    Reporter: Wanglin Report: jocejaconvladsever::(Asia)public Link:Replay_2020_11_14_1730_Silencer_34m 5-9-2.w3gTimestamp: 20:36, 24:25 reason: at the top, you could see there is no reason for that pudge to situate there. after I said noob to it, it became upset and kept heading to mid like in the second pictures: it happened like this 3 times before no one bothered him, so it warped to home, and the game ended off the game I can't upload the replay to the parsing, please give me a way. or can I just upload the replay just like in this report pudge, I wanna shout at you that, even there is someone describing your everyday life, will you get angry at it? in the game, there is a situation where Slader just ran past you body. if you just bite, we will get the kill, but you are so noob that you can only see 1 target at a time, like when you aimed that timber saw, but Sladar ran past you you didn't even know it. even someone curses me noob no one in this world can move my hands and legs, so whether you an acting noob in your definition or not that is has nothing to do with others. and your act of throwing has nothing to do with others, your fault your success has nothing to do with others. you did it yourself, you failed it yourself, you threw it yourself, so don;'t trying catching others' attention. there might be someone who thinks like you a lot in Dota 2, but that has nothing to do with me anyways
  12. granted

    Reporter: Wanglin Report: Scarfac3.n0_0Bsever::(Asia)public Link: 16:15 reason: while I was farming in the jungle, pudge came to steal my creeps that I was hitting. after done it said " can't move lag"
  13. granted

    Reporter:Wanglin Report: RGC.KILLER<3 sever::(asia)public Link: 11:55 reason: quit
  14. granted

    Reporter:Wanglin Report: Heiza sever::(asia)public Link: Timestamp: since 34:00 approximately reason: AFK. puck said:" Ta shared its hero to hin and I said stopped playing, lemme report. after that, it went like The second picture. you forgot to use Traps many times, just how many chances you could kill enemies. I just said just share to me you are not competent and then you muted me. after you died a few times you went AFK. lemme ask you, what should I do in this situation where one of teammate hadn't used traps many times, I asked it to share to me, but mute me and then threw. what should I do?
  15. granted

    Reporter:Wanglin Report: Johnnybhie sever::(asia)philippines Link: Timestamp: 16:11reason: if you didn't quit, we would win. you quit in 16 minutes but we lost in 50 minute.