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  1. denied

    - Map name:Mazing Contest XL v1.8 - Link: - Gener: Mini-Game/Sports - Players: 12 players-Description: contest against each player to create mazes. Map version: Mazing Contest XL v1.8 #I only found 1.2, this is the new version
  2. granted

    display name: kanghansoo Report: Dell_lovers Room:(asia) public Link: Timestamp: -kickafk 2 at 4:05 Reason: afk
  3. denied

    display name: Wanglin Report: Tambay?, Junky14 ,and Nethqt Room:(asia) public Timestamp:5:12 and 7:30 Reason: quit
  4. Your Display Name: wanglinReported Display Name: ΩAmvinΩRoom: (public) asiaReplay: 33:25 around thereReason: while I used my low health courier to monitor Ward on a high hill, Weaver who just was passing by, got into a mood to deny my courier. The reason why I have my courier fly around even it has low health because 2 reasons: first is to monitor wards on a high hill and second is to keep my gem if any accidence occurs to me: death, but this guy just denied my courier because having nothing to do. this action led to put more chance the gem will fall to enemies and chance to clear all wards on high hills. spoil and abuse.
  5. granted

    Your Display Name: wanglinReported Display Name: Az.-.I.SidRoom: (public) asiaReplay: 1:14Reason:1 quitter
  6. granted

    Your Display Name: wanglinReported Display Name:NinoSkill20(quitter) and rodrisanty14 (afk)Room: (public) asiaReplay: 4:13 quit time and 19:46 kickafkedReason:1 quitter and 1 afk
  7. it probably works with every hero. first, we must let the hero carry the Aghanism's scepter, then order Aghanism's bless through courier, but in courier must have one random item, then let it transfer to the hero.
  8. alright. sad abit just aether lens can render one ultimate useless.
  9. this bug appeared on a youtube video path around 6.83b where when after getting raptured, the heroes like Queen of Pain and Anti mage would blink to dodge those damage. Timestamp:31:46-31:47, 48:30 and 45:00-45:31 when I ordered the scroll of Aghanism injection to me, it didn't go into my body but remained in my courier, but after I moved my mouse's cursor to my ultimate and found out that it had the same effect as having an Aghanism, so I just sold that Aghanism's blessing in my courier and got free 3000 gold.
  10. Your Display Name: wanglinReported Display Name: .ch33seRoom: philipinesReplay: around 2.00 after banning phrase times upReason:quit
  11. denied

    Reporter:Wanglin Report:comeback03 Reason: a nihilist and hatred who only knows how to harm random people sever:(asia)public time RMT (Server Time): 13:22 Local Time: 19:22
  12. granted

    Your Display Name: wanglinReported Display Name: ...Son,[MocoChinChi¨Room: (Asia) PublicReplay: 19:29,24:33Reason:quitters
  13. granted

    Name:Wanglin Report:xTuratGaming,[email protected][email protected] ,and So-FUN Room: (asia) public Replay: reason: they didn't wanna !votermk, but chosen to quit instead and enemies also didn't !votermk cos enemies wanted an ez win 5vs2. even 2 against 5 I and bara lost to enemies in 40 minutes of time. just why you people quit? just why don't type !votermk we only need one person to type "!votermk" why leave me and bara bothered by kinda players who are desperate just to win. this is normal for people trying to take advantage in any situation especially in any game they will just try to get whatever their hands upon. enemies just think "Oh, why do I need to !votermk?" "isn't this an Ez win" " thinking this as a decoration adding to my Winrates" "oh that right" " isn't am I smart?"
  14. denied

    people can pause the game by pressing F10 + M.
  15. Display name: Wanglin Room: Philipines Reason: appeal reason; it happens 1-3 times a day when I play Dota when my mouse's cursor remains static; I have to unplug and plug in my mouse to my PC in order to move again. the reason I paused because I got free attacks 3-5 times to death. I just wanna pause, I think that Pilord would notice what abnormal within me, so I think it was fine to pause, or else. it was impossible I would die there. this is my reason. I don't think I do anything wrong, you can choose not to comply with my request, but to ask me if I dare to do it again: definitely no!.