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  1. My Display Name : FrostLicH Abuser : h-----1 Minnute : 01:59, 02:28 Game #6965513 Room: Iran LoD — Game Name: Iran LoD -ru6 — Started: 18/01/2020 13:19 — Length: 60:13
  2. 🤡Middle East Recruitment🤡 # We just recruit Who Can play Fr bot as staff. if you can't don't send any request. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Those who are interested to be Staff in Middle East can study the following conditions and submit their request if interested. Conditions : Having enough time between 1-4 hours Introduction to the rules of the MIddle East Public Having an introduction to Dota Map Familiarity with applicable client orders and full mastery of them ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you have any questions about the circumstances or the need for training to be sent to the admin to explicitly submit your application • If you have conditions, submit your information in accordance with the form below • If this is closed, this means that we don't need admin at the moment.• ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Format : Your RGC Username: Your Age: Time Online: any history of being staff: ✓ I have awareness of channel rules. Sample : Your RGC Username: FrosTLicH Your Age: 15 Time Online: 3 Hours any history of being staff: I was Staff in Middle East Channels ✓ I have awareness of channel rules. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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