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  1. solved

    Hi all, As of now I can't log in to the RGC client and it keeps getting me stuck on the patcher. Plus I click the "stuck ? click here" button and an error message appeared. I've uploaded & attached the image on this thread. Hoping someone can help and resolve my issue. Best Regards, Savior^
  2. Hello there! @Hyoyatika!
  3. Hi everyone, For you, what do you think is the best console between Playstation 4 or Xbox One ? I choose Playstation 4, because i really love and enjoy the VR features that Xbox doesn't have. You can also share some of your thoughts below.
  4. Spy

    I've seen you in the support channel on RGC and even we're not close friends, I'm wishing you the best of luck @Spy! Best Regards, Savior^
  5. Thanks for the warm welcome @Jackpro555!
  6. Hello everyone, I'm a new player/forumer here at RGC, I just want to say hi to everyone and hope you all having a great day! Best Regards, Savior^