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  1. hi i was in host beta team 2 wim = 50 rgd prize and i was in team 2 for play for 10 rgd for rename account and host swaped top and open me! open = Kick ?! https://ladder.rankedgaming.com/game.php?room=1449&gid=5842384&page=chat pls check he cant kick me i want play event im not ban in room beta tests for play event /w Ace /w HexOr
  2. solved

    I had a problem so I went to ask about it and one player with gold member told me he is staff with name /p Dr.Alex.Kt And I was wondering if he was an admin in support room ? and he told me yes he is staff i think he is Cedric Cus he told rubick ... i think he join here for spam ? and /p Rubick kicked me for my question ... Because I asked him is he an admin in support ? why Rubick kicked me for one liaer member ? and why he told me he is staff in support ? i think he kicked me for one Abuser pls check /w Hakka