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    full screen shoot
  2. ok sir .. still waiting
  3. RGC Display name/IGN: Khal.drogoooReported Player's Display name/IGN: (mid_night) afk . riki (coulding type his name so deffecult to type) feeder for viper .viper(lubu181) riki frined and killd him like 18 times Room: GAAA Family w Reason: feeder and afk Replay: riki feeds in min 11.26 and 11.56 and 12.53 and 13.44 and 14.17 ,,,, etc more that 14 times same feed and afk pleyer still afk for 10 min befor he leave without pick hero
  4. solved

    i think its general prob .. i have same prob 2
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  8. 1-RGC Username : Khal.drogooo 2-RGD Reporting from :Srry.Im.Noob 3. Reason + Link : Leaver : Leaver 4-Reason of Appeal : my team was feeding and 3 pleyers go ff and 2 refuse to ff but they wasnt play good .. we didnt get chance even to play gd game so i ask them many times plz ff guys and like this but they refuse also and mute me and weast time . so i leave better cus i was angry from them . plz check my history im not game runier or leaver , ty sir