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  1. granted

    My username: Nightking999 Username of leaver: JohnMolson(Nevermore) Proofs: Reason: Left the game voluntarily Game time: 16th minute
  2. AFK

    My username: Nightking2708 Username of leaver:guidance..(yugger) Proofs: Reason: player was AFK first couple of minutes, then suddenly returned before AFK drop command showed up when lane already was ruined. Game time 0-4 minute
  3. granted

    My username: Nightking2708 Username of leaver: !black_panther!(alchemist) Proofs: Reason: User left the game voluntarily in early minutes leaving his team helpless and doomed to lose cause he has their carry. Game time: 10th minute
  4. granted

    My username: Nightking2708 Username of leaver: inpulsive(Geomancer) Proofs: Reason: User left the game after getting hero he didnt want to play, he then tried to repick and immediately left the game voluntariry making us to vote RMK Game 1st. minute of the game
  5. solved

    dude, just by coming here for making a reply you make yourself even more guilty, cause u knew what kind of "crap" you said throughout whole game so u waited for someone to post report and then started making excuses. Sure we exchanged trashtalk but u started getting on racial and ethnic level, which is wrong, let alone writing it later on main chat so that others from my country started PM "wtf is this guy problem"..admins will deal with it, i'm done talking to you.
  6. solved

    Your RGC UserName : Nightking2708 Abuser RGC Username :exzelion(enigma) Room Name :EU(public) What Kind of Abuse : racial/ethnic spamming abuse Explain your situation (images/replays/logs/proofs...) : User started insulting and spamming comments in game. I know about the mute command but i needed him cause he was our main late carry, so i didnt write it. Yet this kid becomes more and more aggresive and insultive wiht each minute. That even continued on main RGC chat after the game calling all HR(Croatian players) niggers. Racial abuse starts at 15th minute with "HUNGARIAN SLAVE". He obviously failed geography but nvm, on 19th minute starts "nigga" stuff and continues till the end. After game he starts trashtalking on main chat. This guy has history with this kind of attitude cause i played with him before and then he picked other players to insult so he is not new to this.
  7. denied

    My username: Nightking2708 Username of leaver: PostRock(Furion) Proofs: Reason: Furion was being abusive and playing against not only me but the rest ot the team, spell abuse on couple occasions, later refused to def and went solo on lane or farm in woods, eventually he left the game before their final push. Game time: Spell abuse(trees) on 24th minute, went solo farm against the run of game around 20th, afk in base for a few minutes on multiple occasions, left the game voluntarily 5 min before end eventhough time section on replay doesnt show that
  8. granted

    My username: Nightking2708 Username of leaver: LOW-_-DOG(Windrunner) Proofs: Reason: Player left the voluntarily after feeding opposition hero and failing on mid lane. Gametime: replay says 13th minute, but he left way before actual gameend
  9. granted

    My username: Nightking2708 Username of leaver; [email protected]( Lycan) Proofs: Reason: Left the game voluntarily Game time: around 11th minute according to replay.
  10. granted

    My username: Nightking2708 Username of AFK player: OMRMMMM(Nevermore) Proofs: Reason: Never left the game after horrible start, leaving us outnumbered which later cost us a game. Game time: Around 4th minute he left the game voluntarily.
  11. granted

    My username: Nightking2708 Username of AFK player: makiaveli_ro(Monkey King) Proofs: Reason: MK went AFK multiple times during game, staying in base then after coming back joining fights so weak that he fed opp. team till the end Gametime: AFK around 10th, 13th minute 15th minute
  12. granted

    My username: Nightking2708 Username of leaver: Geavennway(Nevermore) Proofs: Reason: Nevermore left the game voluntarily after getting killed too many times. Game-time: Around 13th minute, according to replay
  13. granted

    My username: Nightking2708 Username of leaver: WolfDD(Void) Proofs: Reason: Void left the game voluntarily after bad start. Game-time: around 10th minute
  14. granted

    My username: Nightking2708 Usernames of the ones I'm reporting: HaPk0MaHa(Lucifer), glasscanoning(Earthshaker) & MagicAxe(Leoric) Proofs: Reason: Lucifer and ES left the game voluntarily, ES left game 5 min before end resulting in our loss at the end, Leoric abused Save game command at start of the game. Later he spent almost entire game farming in woods, not defending nor following team in fights or pushing lanes. Game-time: Time section is ruined so I will try to help as much as I can, Luci left around 10th minute, ES around 15th eventhought the game end on 15th according to replay we played at least 5-10 minutes without ES in game. Leoric starts antigaming around 5th lasts till couple of minutes before the end when he decided to join and play, after we said to him that he is being a gameruiner.
  15. denied

    My username: Nightking2708 Username of player I'm reporting: AlphaDraconian(Kunkka) Proofs: Reason: Kunkka played against his own team, refusing buy wards,refused going in team fights(when we all go bot he goes top and dies), later in game he spends all the time next to fountain using X marks the spot on himself and doing apsolutely nothing except insulting and spamming. He could help Axe and Phoenix defend bot lane, yet he stayed in base on purpose. Engaging in fights only when there was low HP hero to make easy kills. Game-Time: The time on replay is wrong, but around 40th minute Sentinel pushed bot, he refuses to def in base, around 45th minute he is speaking from fountain while we fight and being outnumbered lost every chance to possibly win. Other stuff like insulting and destroying runes he did throughout whole game, but that didnt matter like above mentioned antigaming.