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  1. hello admins i think rgc would need a black list as well as a frend list. I don't know if it could be done this way, but I think it would be best If someone has added to the black list, they can also give the character to get into the game, but not go to the same team, if all the seats in the other team were full, he would not be able to get into the games until the seat in the opposite team became vacant.
  2. Nickname : Epick_suport Country : slovakia Hero : mirana Description : perfect timing Time of replay : 34 : 20 - 37 : 20 W3 version : 1.26
  3. denied

    1 i play with me brotehr epick_suport and 10x write me and him down he come down to runed game, game only start, i play 1000 game per yers, i never troled game,hope get chance bc this tiny wos typical game ruiner , thx for u time admins
  4. denied

    1. epick_support2 2. killingspreexx 3 4 after he write me this ( 11:54 SCOURGE killingspreexx i go afk he go wood only dont help team only wood 20 min and game afk base, when he came use ulti only we can play game but he do nothing.
  5. granted

    lol rial imba weak .)
  6. denied

    download report he write me sry, sry for woste time admis nice day.
  7. denied

    1. lasthead! 2 ---shoty--- (axe) 3 4.hi admins axe steal me tome 10:05
  8. denied

    1. lasthead! 2 strom phenix 3 4. phenix solo oflane 01 help team, mid solo strom 0 help team , tell this fail nature when noob skill dont let solo ahope this is not frst warning when can bn this shit dogs.
  9. 1. lasthead! 2 zeus and viper 3 4. zeus and viper 0 help team frst 20 min pls ban this son of rapeds whorse zeros weak dumps as fuck usless shits. thx to save dect game bc dota 1 is 15 yers old game and i never see 6000k pts zeus weak than this fail nature.viper and zeus another lwl bastards fail nature god fail spermas to creat this dogs.ban this dogs save normal game. thx to save rgc admins.
  10. granted

    1. lasthead! 2 oh_cc` (tinker) 3 4. tinker steal me bracer and dont get back(game ruin)pls ban this zero game ruiner noob. steal min -16 : 38
  11. granted

    1. lasthead! 2 ABOU____NAWRASS leav game troll,KumaresRules atropos afk .e 3 4. troll take best place in dota mid leav game, atropos no defend last 5 min stay afk.
  12. denied

    pls show competetiv person it is normal 25 min be wood and 0 team fight ? for whole game and will be in mid? .
  13. denied

    1 lasthead! 2.MiyagiOneLove 3 4 hi supports frst 26 min syla only farm destro game, thx ban this son of ....
  14. and alsoknownasgod is not good on je naozaj s nas na solo skill ale nielene z nas on je najlepsi vsade mam 32 000 hier a iq 55 grubby fun boy gold je naozaj best player dota for all time lepsi nes aza baltazar rusian , paprazi pis fakt keby dostane sancu on je best sani uz len domakaj to ze dota je 5v5 uz nemakaj solo skill poterbujeme ta stale nedefuj bot na 3 skiliedach vs counter push we must b and u change 4587 sentinel na rozpitel + 156- 257 botom proste soj solol skill vs counter pick investuje do pushu nez do defu nezmiselnej lajny
  15. denied

    full game, but no need full show - 25min and game show.