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  1. 1. My RGC Username: Whitechapel93 2. Name of the reported one: SAAQS and player number 7 (cant copy his name because of shinese letters) 3. What he did in game that should be punished: After they fed the enemy team, magina goes blinking in forest and ends blinking in hero houses in the left top corner of the map (Funny) while the chinese named player (number 7) Gyrocopter goes ulty in our fountain (again for fun) and he got kicked by boot system at the end of the game so they purposelly wrecked the game 4. Link to the replay: http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1566473615 5. Time stamp: min 24
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    Your RGC UserName : Whitechapel93 Abuser RGC Username Finnsdog Room Name : EU room What Kind of Abuse : Bypasser Explain your situation: Before he ruined a game (sold items, put sentries all over the base, feeded on purpose, got booted) he said he will bypass the ban in 1 minute. On this account he has 3 games played only and he has hundreds of other accounts just for the sake of ruining. One same person from Portugal and I know it because I remember his Portuguese ping, same behaviour and same words he used when he trashes his teammates. So its not his first time. Link to the replay: http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1565974305 Link to the admin panel: https://admin.rankedgaming.com/rooms/game.php?game=dota&id=63152651
  5. granted

    (1).Your RGC username : Whitechapel93(2).The RGC username of the one you are reporting : finnsdog (3).The link to the replay : http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1565974305(4).Explain in a thorough manner exactly what happened: Finnsdog (Magina) was pissed at the team so he sold all of his items, bought sentries and put them all over our base and in front of their base, went to feed them, died a couple of times until he got kicked out of the game. That is one of his new accounts, he had only 3 games played, its the same noob from Portugal who made several accounts to ruin, feed and leave games..(5).Specify precise time-stamps for when this user began wrecking your game: around minute 35 till he got kicked from the game
  6. granted

    (1).Your RGC username : Whitechapel93(2).The RGC username of the one you are reporting : -MultiParaVers-..,._!_...._!_....(3).The link to the replay : http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1565751627(4).Explain in a thorough manner exactly what happened: Multi Para Vers went afk in fountain as he said, sold all of his items and bought 100 teleports, remained afk till the end of the game and using his disruption on me for fun. There were also 3 leavers, 1 from my team and 2 from scourge(5).Specify precise time-stamps for when this user began wrecking your game: after minute 42
  7. granted

    (1).Your RGC username : Whitechapel93(2).The RGC username of the one you are reporting : bitwCp, >UnDiaSinClases..,._!_...._!_....(3).The link to the replay : http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1565730989(4).Explain in a thorough manner exactly what happened: 2 players (probably lan from Latin America) left the game one after another after 2 deaths each, caused us to forfeit the game in 8 minutes. Please prevent these morons to log into Eu Public channel for some longer time bcs they probably do things like that on every channel and dont care about bans (and other players too)(5).Specify precise time-stamps for when this user began wrecking your game: after 5th minute
  8. My display name : The-Kurcina.Tv Report display names : gagongdragon, <kez> Reason: 2 Lan players leaving the game one after another at minute 11 Replay: http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1563447179 Evidence: https://admin.rankedgaming.com/rooms/game.php?game=dota&id=62781900
  9. My display name : The-Kurcina.Tv Report display name : Patlidz_is_back Reason: Left the game 12 minute before ending, caused us to lose the game Replay: http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1563446780 Evidence: https://admin.rankedgaming.com/rooms/game.php?game=dota&id=62802107
  10. granted

    My Display Name: The-Kurcina.Tv Report Display Names: QF-84 Reason: leaving after low gameplay and score of 2:7 Replay: http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1563379918 Evidence: https://admin.rankedgaming.com/rooms/game.php?game=dota&id=62801597 Room: (EU) Public
  11. denied

    I signalized to kill pudge, he was obviously running away from me (Im not sure but I think he used his hook a second before), so its pretty obvious i pinged you to kill him together. but you didnt want since you were AFK like you mentioned a couple of minutes before that so stop lying. You would finish your dagger after fight because you wouldnt lose any mana or HP while killing enemy pudge. You simply didnt want. We were destroying bottom barracks and u were farming ancient creeps in their woods with Sacred relic. Our necrolyte had alreadyradiance so i can only assume what could you do with wih relic. Hm.. Maybe you wanted to make Divine rapier to give them when u die but you couldnt farm 2400 more? i dont wanna make assumptions, the thing that is crystal clear is that you were purposelly ruining the game all the way, from minute 1 farming till minute 14-15 when you got pissed and started farming till the end of game without being in a teamfight once. And you didnt help me on topside, you came to take a kill once i died and thats all.
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    It really doesnt matter. Your hate towards my country is just a drop in the ocean, and i said I would forgive you for your ingame behaviour if you didnt slammed on Serbia again (gave you a chance). I am reporting you for your 20+ min afking, and when I mentioned what you said in Public chat ( again, follow me if youre too slow to understand : DOESNT have anything to do with your ingame behaviour. it just completes your bio, the shit of a person you are, and i think its also worth mentioning. Yes, is it ironic if you want to play your game and stop sacrificing (like giving them ring of health to use, arcane boots,which is not a duty) for useless team? For all those I have really no proof, for most I have forgiven, I curse ingame because its actually allowed, you cursed on PUBLIC CHAT. i say such things when I get pissed, but you had no reasons to be pissed at me. ( Once again, none of it has anything to do with my topic) We didnt have any teamfight till one moment, suddenly, some Axe said gg me afk. Its not the same if you say YOURE AFK AND YOU WONT HELP and actually doing it, like you just did today. Replay of your gameplay is here and let those in charge to check it. I said i wont help, you know what that means? For example, yesterday I played rexxar without 3rd skill, without necronomicon and with sange yasha deso etc.That is not banable, that is a way of playing. The thing you did was AFK and that requires punishment. btw i have never been afk in game nor that i have left the game before ending. End of my discusion with you. Let the admins do their thing. Thanks.
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    My Display Name: The-Kurcina.Tv Report Display Names: Atropos55 Reason: Atropos55 tried to ruin the game by afking more than 20 mins; he did 0 teamplay after he was ganked woods, he sad "gg i am afk" and stood afk for the rest of the game when we were destroying enemy barracks, he was afk even then, he insulted all my team, mentioning low Serbian life and stuff like that. After the game he was abusing public chat and kept insulting people= Total animal behaviour in and out of game. All my team has agreed about this. [13:39] Atropos55: you live with mom ? [13:39] Wizzy_Hunter: niiga_please [13:39] The-Kurcina.Tv: its not [13:39] Wizzy_Hunter: yooo [13:39] Niiga_Please: hey bro [13:39] Atropos55: she makes good food ? [13:39] Niiga_Please: whats up [13:39] Atropos55: she sucks your dick ? After I put him on ignore he came up with another account and texted me again [13:56] WilloW77: where is report, i don't see it ? >>>>>>[13:56] WilloW77: The-Kurcina.Tv [13:56] WilloW77: link . [13:56] WilloW77: ? [13:56] The-Kurcina.Tv: i am making it [13:56] The-Kurcina.Tv: right now [13:56] WilloW77: great [13:56] WilloW77: make of fool of yourself Please react Replay: http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1563277998 Evidence: https://admin.rankedgaming.com/rooms/game.php?game=dota&id=62787488 Room: (EU) Public
  14. denied

    Just to add that i checked when they joined lobby, they were all in sentinel first 5 but, anyhow, kakashi5555 went scourge
  15. denied

    My display name: The-Kurcina.Tv Report Display Names: kakashi5555, Bin_Waleed, Filing Reason: Player Filing ruined my first game today by feeding ( 0 11 Razor dying almost every minute). Right after that, he and his lan friend Bin_Waleed called kakshi5555 to help them winning game. He even admited he was their friend and he was Pudge, all game he was 6 lvl under everyone else in game (even the low sniper had better xp than him), he had 2k items in 25 minutes of game, arcane boots and some shit like shield and quelling, so total 2k until in minute 25 he bought dagger. they are all from Oman by the way, and all are way over 3500 points so cant tell me thats just "low skill play", they ruined my two games in arow, on purpose Please react Replay: http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1563190530 Evidence: https://admin.rankedgaming.com/rooms/game.php?game=dota&id=62775956 and https://admin.rankedgaming.com/rooms/game.php?game=dota&id=62775886