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  1. My nick: Chapel. Reported one: [email protected][email protected]! Description: Refused to defend mid barracks even with his ulty ready (Leorick). He even unpaused the game because he was probably chatting with some enemies, trashtalking etc, so when i paused he was in base chatting while they took our mid barracks and we lost the game. This is really frustrating so pls start banning the idiots like this one? Replay: Time stamp: Around 40-45 mins
  2. denied

    I will have to add that huskar died on purpose a couple of times and then left, about min 10. Nickname: HTK~
  3. denied

    My nick: Chapel. Reported one: ammad*_*ali (Nevermore) Description: He went mid after I said Im mid and he was autoatacking, I told him to move but he ignored, so i had to. ofc we lost the game because the guy was useless. Can you get him banned pls? Replay: Time stamp: Start of the game
  4. denied

    My nick: Chapel. Reported one: daj100e Description: He was farming woods while enemy was taking our mid barracks. I even warned him at the start of the game because i know him, and there he is ruining ruining my game again. I remember he was forgiven once. Please ban or Ill stop reporting. Replay: Time stamp: min 26
  5. My nick: Chapel. Reported one: ahmadmotawe90 Description: Its funny how someone dares to rape minimap signals knowing that he had worst gameplay. He heavily abused minimap signals in two instances just to piss me off. And later he got kicked for being afk. Replay: Time stamp: around min 20: heavily abusing minimap signals, Min 30: Kicked for being afk
  6. granted

    My nick: Chapel. Reported one: aRecluse Description: Though he farmed woods like 20+ minutes, which i know is not banable (sadly), he also refused to defend barracks when all teamates where alive, with his dagger ulty burrow and sanstorm all ready, he didnt do anything, letting them take mega creeps easy, then a couple of minutes later he was away from barracks on bottom back to farm woods because he didnt have enough. He was knowingly useless for 35 minutes of the game and purposelly ruined it for the team. Ban this pls. Replay: Time stamp: 25 to 30 minutes of the game
  7. granted

    My nick: Chapel. Reported one/s: a.d.m.i.r.e Description: Heavily spammed minimap signals at me in two instances, and it lasted like 2 or 3 minutes. Please ban this guy, he is behaving like an animal, flamming and spamming with signals at me, I couldnt play. Replay: Time stamps: Min 36 and min 38
  8. Nickname: Chapel. Country: Serbia Hero: Rubick Description: Stealing hook, then making 5/5 hooks in two minutes, all lethal hooks. 3 hook-kills, 1 of it with force Time of replay: 16:47 - 18:53 replay time W3 version : 1.26 Replay:
  9. Your RGC UserName : Chapel Abuser RGC Username : fukgreece Room Name : (Eu) public What Kind of abuse: Nationality flame (inappropriate nickname) Explain your situation (images/replays/logs/proofs...) : its something you cant just mute or ignore, his nickname appears everywhere. Its worst kind of flaming and i think he shouldnt get away with it. - his logs He was banned here (I guess companned) eight months ago where he used his nickname to flame any nation he thinks of. So, if you compare this new nickname logs with those already banned accounts, there are a couple of heroes matching,repeating, probably its the same person. His ping is different now, i guess he used VPN or something to bypass that ban..
  10. granted

    My nick: Chapel. Reported one/s: Yaling, Pinoykuku Description: left Replay: Time stamps: both left in first 10 minutes
  11. denied

    Yeah because u stack with your gay friends to play vs 1000 points and then talk. You should go to school since you are a kid. Learn to be less horny, bye.
  12. granted

  13. granted

    My nick: Chapel. Reported one/s: Swen_12345 Description: left Replay: Time stamps: like min 10
  14. granted

    My nick: Chapel. Reported one/s: (AutoSweet) Description: left Replay: Time stamps: Start of the game