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  1. granted

    My nick: Chapel. Reported one: jabjab Description: Kicked after being afk Replay: Time stamp: min 36
  2. granted

    As I said, he left 2 games as the games started, when i wanted to upload replays, there was no replays. Here is his gamelog where you can see he voluntarily leave the games every once in a while. He said he is already bypassing 1 ban and that there is no point for me to report him, so you might wanna check that out too. I hope thats enough to ban him. I cant upload a replay since there is no replay bcs he left right after the game started. 2 times in a row.
  3. My nick: Chapel. Reported one: ez_peeze Description: He left two games in a row to spoil the start, in lobby he said he is already bypassing one ban so maybe its a case for @Captain or @Thror , i reported him here for leaving as you can see massive leaves in his game history Replay: i dont have any replays because the guy left as the games were starting, on purpose, to spoil the start. I hope you can find it somewhere. Time stamp: / I hope you can ban him, and if he is a bypasser forward it to someone in charge. Thank you kindly.
  4. denied

    I forgot to add that I was banned on this account before I got a new PC but all of them where invalid bans. I had two Autobans because of my bad connection back then in 2018, and one invalid ban where I was banned by RustInCohle because of afk and it was a bug, another guy was AFK and I tried but couldnt move my hero but nevertheless, i got reported and banned. you can check this one too, I even shared units to my friend and he was using my hero, I told everyone i cant move and I didnt know what was wrong:
  5. denied

    My RGC ID: Chapel. Abuser: No abuser Room: (Eu) Public Ban type: Timeban, 2 days (leave) Reasons that Im innocent: I admit that one ban was valid, but I hope you consider clearing my ban history since it was my only leave and my only valid ban since i made this account and I have 5700 games played. That particular leave i got banned for was an unplayable game for me. My team was getting owned while I controled mid but I couldnt help but leae because I had a teammate following me in woods and telling the enemy to kill me etc, and he would probably continue doing it if i stayed in game. I left after I died but game would end soon even if I stayed because it was a completely one-sided game. Im sorry i left but it was really impossible for me to play, and I as I said, I never leave or ruin any games in my 5k+ games played here. I was granted a chance and i was unbanned. The unban request link with the replay is here so you can check it:
  6. My nick: Chapel. Reported one: deadpoll88 Description: Ok so this guy was warned by @Mr.rye not to use national insults again, but ofc he did it, he also bought force staff just to push me for no reason. 29:52 SENTINEL deadpoll88 moron srbisn 29:55 SENTINEL Chapel. 0 5 and 32:12 SENTINEL deadpoll88 that srbian moron 32:27 SENTINEL deadpoll88 all the nations are stupid and idiods And he was already forgiven and warned here: So I hope you finally ban this guy. Replay: Time stamp: Min 44, 47 and 48 used force on me thanks.
  7. granted

    My nick: Chapel. Reported one: famousse Description: Oit lord was ruining the game to the maximum, he used his ulty to teleport us, he was saving enemies and blocking teammates, didnt used pit of malice to stun enemies, died many times on purpose under tower, bought force to push teammates and necronomicon to feed even more. Compban? Replay: Time stamp: Through all the game time from min 10 till the end
  8. granted

    I would also like to add that deadpoll88 (lich) was using national insults deadpoll88 srbian no brain 37:18 SCOURGE deadpoll88 moron 37:26 SCOURGE Mess^ >> JensUla (Lion) has a > Gem of True Sight 37:27 SCOURGE deadpoll88 stupid nation deadpoll88 stupic srbian
  9. granted

    My nick: Chapel. Reported one: alprazolam5+ Description: left the game (new account, no games played) Replay: Time stamp: min 14
  10. granted

    My nick: Chapel. Reported one: LookAtUplease Description: After he miserably failed mid, he lost connection without "trying to reconnect" message, which I guess means he just restarded pc and he was already offline. I kindly ask you to let someone else than Windfucker- check this replay because he has his own criteria and will probably deny it without looking. Replay: Time stamp: min 18
  11. granted

    My nick: Chapel. Reported one: hindikanagiisa Description: Refused to defend mid baracks, played most of the game in woods avoiding most of important teamfights, all because he was mad at a teammate, please ban Replay: Time stamp: min 23
  12. map version: 6.90a8 map replay: game id: explanation: At level 15 I took +1 forge spirit talent but when i tried it, there was no second forge, tried it many times but there was no second forge.
  13. granted

    My nick: Chapel. Reported one: MONGOL FROM TM Description: left the game Replay: Time stamp: min 32
  14. granted

    My nick: Chapel. Reported one: (dr.)hannibal Description: went mid and remained afk till he got kicked Replay: Time stamp: start of the game
  15. granted

    My nick: Chapel. Reported one: [email protected][email protected]! Description: Refused to defend mid barracks even with his ulty ready (Leorick). He even unpaused the game because he was probably chatting with some enemies, trashtalking etc, so when i paused he was in base chatting while they took our mid barracks and we lost the game. This is really frustrating so pls start banning the idiots like this one? Replay: Time stamp: Around 40-45 mins