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    Lol? I bypassed again? Look at my banhistory, @MoON cleared my banhistory because Cedric banned me again and he said My accounts will not be unbanned because he found bypass traces on it. I just created new account because Moon said old accounts will not be unbanned. FOR YOUR INFORMATION - check my BANHISTORY OF ALL THE ACCOUNTS WHICH ARE BANNED. YOU WILL SEE MY BANHISTORY because all my accounts Are banned And my IP is unbanned because I was given a Chance. Know before reporting.
  2. My display name : NvM.RefresherZ~ - This is too All global members, specially @MoON @Hakka @Froz @Captain @Ace I was banned for bypassing 3 months ago and Hakka gave me a chance saying delete bypass and do not use it again. Recently, Cedric banned my account and I got unbanned by MOoN because it was a Invalid ban. I got banned because I joined Cedric's game unknowingly because I didn't have a clue that it was Cedric, he was using different account named Colonelpatron. Now, U_Talking_To_Me reported me as a bypasser? Guys, this topoc is already closed by Hakka and put as Solved in Asia abuse section. I do not get banned hence I do not use bypass. Please Stop banning my accounts for no reason Cedric. I am not a bypasser anymore. I did bypass before and was banned for 3 Weeks. HAKKA Gave me a Chance. Topic was closed.
  3. solved

    RGC Username : NvM.RefresherZ~ Ban Reason + LINK : Banned for hosting with bad name Reason of Appeal : Nice play syduck, frst u abuse my mother in game and now you reported me for whn i take revenge. I am sorry for abuse ur mother i just want to play on rgc server.