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  1. Hi RGC , good day , i have friend that i send him a RGD to change name his account but, it goes Error , please see attachement below for proof of our transaction ., can anyone fix this problem ? or refund for the RGD we loss ? because until now he can't change his accounts name .that he buys in SHOP ,thanks for your consideration , God Bless!
  2. https://lodasiareplayparser.com/cojack.php?id=973664_1561791328 Kindly Ban that Spoiler BigMoonEye spoiling the game Trashtalked all of Us and telling Our Opponents where i'm farming check around (44:10) chat history and onwards) and please kindly ban those who voluntarily quit the game ., please don't let BigMoonEye request to UNBAN ., those player not deserves to play in this Channel, just to SPOIL the game ., Talk Shit about player, Respectfully yours. Thank you
  3. solved

  4. solved

    https://admin.rankedgaming.com/rooms/game.php?game=lod&id=6279897 please kindly BAN that _*_Nancy_*_ Intentional DC ruining the game ., please kindly ban that player then please dont let him appeal again., this kind of player is not allowed here in LOD ASIA., kindly ban his IP ADDRESS ty [11:16] MomoLand^_*_Nancy_*_: fuck this shit! [11:16] MomoLand^_*_Nancy_*_: why the fuck did I dc?! [11:17] MomoLand^_*_Nancy_*_: !host ru6 then just create a room then started stealing my player i hosted.
  5. Hi RGC ., it's my fault to ruin the game. , i got emergency i didn't leave the game I go AFK , because i have emergency to go to bathroom, i have LBM sorry for ruin the game ., it will not happen again .,this is my first time to goes AFK ., sorry for my fault https://admin.rankedgaming.com/rooms/game.php?game=lod&id=6266403