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  1. 1. Your RGC & RGID Name:|Lelouch 2. How can you contribute to the group?:i can contribute to the group by Monitoring the channel when im online and penalize people who is abusing the rules in the channel. 3. Why should we choose you?:i will dedeicate my self, since i wanted to be staff in the pacific for the long time. Your name: Leonardo Age: 13 Country: Philippines Languages you speak: Filipino/English Scale your grammar on a 1-10 scale: 8 How often active are you?: i dont know how long im active but i will try being active (becuse of school i cant really be active) Where do you play?: Home
  2. Good Luck All <3
  4. {*B.U.R.N*} intentionali disconnect in 15 mins. Replay :https://lodasiareplayparser.com/cojack.php?id=388356_1562292225
  5. Proper Registration Please.
  7. IGN:The༒Killer RGID:#2434676373243467373 COUNTRY:ALGERIA
  8. IGN:`Kaizaki RGID:#238466842 COUNTRY:PHILIPPINES
  9. Sorry Doble
  10. IGN:.Daiki-kun RGID:#243323305 COUNTRY:PHILIPPINES
  11. IGN:.Daiki-kun RGID:#243323305 COUNTRY:PHILIPPINES Daiki_Aomine (1).htm
  12. IGN:soe,.gyi RGID:#24031768 COUNTRY:United State
  13. Here Sir http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1561181235
  14. IGN:|YgM-RoyalGod| RGID:#242907052 COUNTRY:PHILIPPINES
  15. Leaver Name: harshal~GG and [T]om-Tom Replay:Replay_2019_06_17_0724_Sand King_23m 4-1-8.w3g Time Laps: [T]om-Tom Time Quit:08:06 and harshal~GG Time Quit:23:57 Hope to get help.