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  1. solved

    nick: iceassassin i want to apology to players i ''ruined'' or whatever that moderator gave me ban for cuz he lost game provoked me that im noob and i never said bad thing to him, he provoked me that i cant play dota and im bad, but acturally i was almost only one holding early and mid game with pudge, i didnt flame now1 as i know, and perma blaming others never heard of that rule. But yes i went wood few minutes to end some items and to show him that they are useless w/o me that was my mistake and i would like to use my chance for this year 2020. that i have i think and 30% time has passed from last one even 50% if im not wrong. Im sorry for that afk that cost team fight or lose, but still idk could we win and people need to learn, moderators too that you cant behave like that calling someone noob provoke him for nothing, i gave him mid when he asked, buyed wards on start game, was roam killing others never said a word to him bad, until he started you can check even chat, but ok i was afk refused to fight thats right, sorry for that. game link parser link:
  2. solved

    i think its 2020 atm isnt it ? Also i said i think ... and who are you even ? I did favor to him posted so let them mods solve it stop spam topic
  3. solved

    nick: dotaisateamgame he is my friend he cant access forum cuz some bug on pc, he never used chance i think he got banned for afk needed to go with family somewhere for hour to something idk... he never ruins etc. can u unban him pls game link