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  1. solved

    hi when hero arrive lvl 10 and dont take talent in lvl 11 cant take again talent plz fix it
  2. hi this patch e6 asisst dont reward many gold and recive gold 10 please fix it
  3. hi hero:medusa lvl :2 A mystic snake dont mana burn on hero !
  4. hi game idi :6843657 rank 4 reason abuser in game
  5. hi game idi :6790656 rank 9 reason abuser in game
  6. hi game idi :6782927 rank 2 reason abuser in game
  7. hi game idi :6782693 rank 2 reason abuser in game
  8. Hi gameidi:6756230 rank:3 reason:Abuser in game tnx
  9. Hi gameidi:6731601 rank:2 reason:Abuser in game tnx
  10. solved

    Hi plz please pay attention in dota 2 fountion Reg very fast in every sec 170 fills mana and hp but this map look like 6.83 and fountion it dosent matter and it fills up very very slowly plz reworked TnX
  11. hi reason:Abuser in game game idi: 6709983 rank: 2 TNx
  12. Hi not working iteam Crit (Buriza) witch lvl 2 admiral in last map plz fix it tnx
  13. hi reason:Abuser in game game idi: 6706913 rank: 4 TNX
  14. hi reason:leaver 6697841 rank 4 tnx
  15. hi reason:leaver 6697841 rank 2 tnx