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  1. granted

    ID: Freezebrah Room: Eu Public Leavers: defunctutopia, FASHION_1 and !black_panther! Replay: Timestamps: Till. minute 24 all 3 left the game
  2. solved

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    Yes i could happen to everyone. I happen to @KKS
  4. closed

    It's not desync and i didn't jump to another dimension we was playing normal game. All ok bro?😂
  5. closed

    ID: Freezebrah Report: Hello. Yesterday i was playing RDSP (Random Draft, shuffle players) mode in Eu Public and i just noticed this When the game started and players shuffle i was in Team 1 (CrystalBlueMeth, Jerry_Ge, zol_gg, halfunder and me) We won that game but system somehow bugged and didn't mixed up teams in game history lobby. I dont care for Win/Lose % but there is a players who play for stats and this can piss them off + it's a system bug so i hope you'll fix it. Cheerz