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  1. Hello Since all Europe staffs have failed and got demoted, hmm almost all* i VOTE for @KKS to be next RGC admin. From whole Rgc team (old one) only he left. I hope you agree with me guys I know @PsYCHzZz and @HueHueHue- will! This is one of our favorite songs to cheerz you up!
  2. Pro <3

    1. Freezebrah



  3. granted

    ID: Freezebrah Leaver's ID: jebespoene Link: Timest: min. 26-27
  4. Winter freezes an enemy in place while striking those nearby which causes them to attack their frozen ally with increased attack speed. The frozen ally and those cursed to attack their ally are immune to all damage from their enemies. I already told you, it's not a bug
  5. It's not a bug
  6. Heyho. ID: Freezebrah I'll post a replay It's 4min's long, you'll see a bug just watch it.
  7. ID: Freezebrah (Bara) and emeline (Pudge) Country: Serbia and Greece Timestamps: min 21 i saved Pudge with Etheral and we killed potm. Link:
  8. solved

    Hi. I was banned today w/o cheking replay by staffs. Some guy reported me for leave and it's 100% legal, i left the game after my teammate Tao|100 (Prophet) bought 2 wards and tp'ed to Sentinel base, dropped them and feeded on purpose. After he respawn he tp'ed to Sentinel's tower and suicide again. Timestamps - Since min 0. I reported that to @YanG but he said ''Report it on a forum'' That is also fine but i had no time for that. My leave wasn't on purpose i just dont want to play a game with a guy who feed on purpose but Useless staff didn't check any of this he just banned me and some other guy for leave, Tao|100 will keep ruining games. I ll post a replay and i hope some decent admin will solve it. Im not beging for unban, am not some leaver, abuser etc. my banhistory is clear just take care of who you promote to Eu staff. EDIT: I just checked Tao|100's banhistory and he did the same thing in Boliva but we can see that they have trustable staffs and he got ban But, he can still play in Europe, have a fun with him. Cheers~
  9. ID: Freezebrah Age: 4 Country: Serbistan Languages: Serbish, Arabish, English - 10/10 Expiriance: I have no expiriance Contributions: I was a staff, used to abuse non-stop and they demoted me Reports: 0 Why i want to become a staff: To ban @KKS <3 BYE