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  1. granted

    Your Display Name: pussysniper Reported Display Name: jikjik2019 Room: (Asia) Public Replay: http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1575398287 Timestamps: for the whole game anti mage only farmed and basically did nothing to help the team... while everyone else is pushing to win the game... not once did am try to help the team...... he was playing on his own , even when the enemy was doing mega.. am did nothing to help, check him right before the game ends he just farms nc while creeps are destroying throne and we were rushing to destroy final tree.... cant give enuf timestamp here there are so many .. lol.. please check this Reason: spoiling
  2. granted

    @NvM.On3lKinGl.Z lol man watch out there.. you're gonna pull a teeth or something with that kinda English lol. . i dont wanna talk about ur gaming skills dude . lelz so insecure. anyways.. @Froz banned me for spamming which happened 3-4 hours after @Jackpro555 kicked me for language( which is true)... 2 are completely different reasons. they were not related at all... and @Jackpro555 never said next is ban lol ( u just made that up ), and for the record @Jackpro555 can ban on his own he doesn't need others to ban.. lol, i know that ur not playing dumb, its just the real you. at least you took my advice and just being urself . real progress . And please easy with the name calling, if ur having other problems (family, bully, hormonal imbalance,identity issues etc etc), dont try to take it out on me man lol. whats ironic is that your the one trying to deny my ban with false accusation and here i am the one who needs to" get some LIFE" hahhaha classic . you already flooded the post, take a walk along the sidelines sweetie thats where u belong ;). peace out.
  3. granted

    @NvM.On3lKinGl.Z you said i received warning from @Jackpro555 continued to spam . yet u can not provide a proof of that, is it because you lied about that in the forum? please substantiate your claim via others.
  4. granted

    @NvM.On3lKinGl.Z lol seems like ur having some issues man .. i dont wanna talk about you being a noob or pro, talking about an obvious thing is just a nobrainer. we both know why ur making comments in this post anyways so i dont wanna add fuel to the fire , step inside your zen mode dude nobody needs u to prove anything, you are who u are . and please dont call me retard, son etc etc these are abuses for which admins can ban you for real , u can tt me elsewhere, this isnt the place to showcase your love toward me dude xD... stop trying to exact revenge on me by denying my ban request, admins face these semi-clever interventions on a daily basis, so stop trying to be clever and be yourself dude and about the ban, i never once said that the ban was not adequate, i even copy pasted a link of the channel rule in my request meaning he was right to ban me. i respect @Froz and i accept the judgement. all am asking for is a chance for a mistake i did not know was a mistake. . please stop trying too hard and GIT. u can still celebrate the occasion from the sidelines where you belong. peace out.
  5. granted

    @NvM.On3lKinGl.Z lol what?.. nobody gave me any warning at all dude. can u please share the log here and prove that i got a warning and still continued to spam?. da hell.. why are u lying in forum dude? u do know that lying in forum is a ban-able offense. .. and i dont talk trash to good people only the ones who start the trash talk .. like the way you always do, you cant expect me to stay shut while you u tt me . zzzzz and if u cant win against me u should try to take revenge on me by improving your skill and playing against me, not by being wuss. remember if u play dota u can either win or lose so stop crying about losing to me zzzzzz and yeah.. please show proof that i was warned by @Jackpro555 and still continued to spam.
  6. granted

    Display name: pussysniper Room: (Asia) PublicReason: spaming Reason of Appeal: when i spammed in the lobby i was a bit drunk. i was out of my mind and flooded the lobby which i shouldn't have done. besides admin simply issued a ban without giving any warning at all, i honestly had no idea that spamming was a ban-able offense, which i do now : "➪ Spam & Capslock: Typing with capslock on, more than 3 lines at a time or any other forms of spam will be kicked or banned for 3 hours to 5 days." If i knew i wouldn't have done it, drunk or otherwise. please unban me i promise not to do it again.
  7. granted

    Your Display Name: pussysniperReported Display Name: Thai_LordRoom: (Asia) Public Reason: Abuse of family and nation Note: he just finished playing with my friend and he played badly... then after the game this guy started abusing family and nation.. his rationale was that he was an indian too thats why hes allowed to tt about india?. . plz check this.
  8. Your Display Name: pussysniperReported Display Name: Hero&ZeroRoom: (Asia) Public Reason: Abuse of family, Note: we just played a game and he lost and then he started abusing my mother in asia public lobby. he abused my family many times before. . plz check for family abuse.
  9. Your Display Name: pussysniperReported Display Name: posirteRoom: (Asia) Public Replay: http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1567612987 timestamp: wisp kept tping us on the edge of the map in the bottom lowest corner of the map,, in the fountain. check around 15th min. it was intentional spoiling.. i have checked his admin panel and he did this many times on other public and regional rooms.. please ban him with a compan or something similar so that he cant go to other rooms and spoil... @Froz @Jackpro555 reason: spoiler/spell abuse
  10. granted

    he started abusing my family again... after 3 hours or so he was telling his friends some really low things about my family.. @Riza @Jackpro555
  11. granted

    he started abusing my family again... after 3 hours or so he was telling his friends some really low things about my family.. @Riza @Jackpro555
  12. Your Display Name: pussysniperReported Display Name: -BlackMambaᅠRoom: (Asia) Public Reason: Abuse of family, Note: I did not provoke him by any means.. he just highlighted me and started abusing my mother in asia public lobby. he did this to me many times before in asia public lobby. am sick of this. admin please don't just give him a 3 day ban for this, insults and abuse towards family should be punished hard, i hope u will judge justly .. plz check for family abuse.
  13. granted

    Your Display Name: pussysniperReported Display Name: -CHEVROLET, DEM0NY0NGMUND0, AfoninjeJrRoom: (Asia) Public link: https://admin.rankedgaming.com/rooms/game.php?game=dota&id=63292056Reason: RACISM Note: they were not provoked. in game they started trash talking oppo. After losing in game they started saying racist words in the asia pub lobby. plz check the screen shots for racism.
  14. Your Display Name:pussysniper Reported Display Name:Empress.Janna Room: (Asia) Public Replay:http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1566802366 Timestamps: undying left the game at 31:47 intentionally. check and ban. Reason: leaver
  15. Your Display Name:pussysniper Reported Display Name:ÐaZzlÈHaÐÈs Room: (Asia) Public Replay:http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1560169011 Timestamps: tiny got angry and abused toss on me and threw me to the enemy around 40:00 .. first he said stfu and then tossed me intentionally. check and ban. Reason: spoiler/spell abuser