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    Your Display Name: pussysniper Reported Display Name: she_is_mine Room: Asia Public Replay: http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1586723366 Timestamps: 18th min sk goes to ward the jungle right to the 2nd tower. after warding vs tries to block sk intentionally again in 18th oppo ganks near secret shop nc area, when ursa was chasing vs instead of going toward tower vs swaped ursa to go back to oppo again and feeds,. .. 20th min sk goes to ward rune area through the jungle... vs blocks him again.(it was intentional just check him at 20th min he was clicking atk on sk and it can be seen on vs's animation) So the oppo had friends of VS .. so he was supposedly helping his friends . check this spoiler. Reason: spoiler
  2. Your Display Name: pussysniper Reported Display Name: Aaronmitch Reason: parental abuse Room: Asia public description: i did not provoke him in anyway, i was chatting with my friends. i thot he called me... when i asked him what he wanted he simply abused my family... again i did not provoke him in anyway... he just abused my family in front of asia public in lobby.. i have no idea why he abused my family like that... i dont think i have even played with him before ( . please mention if u need anything more.. i have rgc log file if u need me to upload it as well... Ban this toxic cancer.