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  1. solved

    My Account: ImSoGoodDad Reason of ban: Profile Message Hi Dear Admin, Im really sorry for my profile message i will remove that please forgive me thanks. @KKS @Captain
  2. My Account : ImSoGoodDad Account Khati: Glayzer Game ID: 5649855 Min 11:42 , 11:43
  3. solved

    My Account: ImSoGoodDad Reason of ban: Leave Reason of appeal: hi admin please give me a chanse , i will dont leave anymore thanks.
  4. My Account : ImSoGoodDad Account Khati: Lycan² Game ID: 5632219 Fahashi Dar Lobby Chat Minute 2:58, 03:09
  5. denied

    my account: ImSoGoodDad reporting : Skenderbeu. game id : 62594459 minute : 26:54
  6. denied

    my Account: imsogooddad reporting : Zoran_Robija game id : 62584219
  7. granted

    My Account: ImSoGoodDad Reporting: Oporata Game ID: 62572221 Minute 54:42 and 54:49 he insult my country and racism attitude.
  8. denied

    My Account: ImSoGoodDad Reporting: Hazara_Great1 Game ID: 62538298 Description: this player start flaming whole over the game and his hero was Kunkka and tried to X on allies instead of opponent if you watch the replay you will understand that he was Trolling whole the game and just Signal(This player score is 4/14, obviously clear that he feed on purpose) , please report this game ruiner and feeder thanks. Replay Link:
  9. denied

    My Account : ImSoGoodDad Reporting: {Shredder}1996* Game ID: 62503676 Reason: as you can see his score he feed them so much and when i told him i will ban you for feeding he said i dont care please ban this guy to stop ruining game
  10. Nickname : ImSoGoodDad Country : Iran Hero : Invoker W3 version : 1.26