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  1. sorry that just my opinion maybe I am wrong, maybe clone applied attribute bonus from streng talent, but don't copy that bonus from main meepo, its same case with agha blessing, I try consumed aghanim but meepo clones lost benefit(atribut) from aghanim but based on dota2 gamepedia there it say: Clones benefit from talents bonuses, and from any attributes granted by items or buffs. However, they do not benefit from any other item bonuses (damage, health, armor, etc.). This also means the attribute bonus from Power Treads, as well as the +6 strength talent, are applied twice on Meepo clones if u play d2 meepo clones copy main heros stats and because they have their own talent(and boots) they will have extra stats from that. in the previous patch there is no description "strength talent now applied twice on clones", so basically it always applied twice since that talent first appeared.
  2. closed!

    when dazzle reach lv 18 or purchase Octarin Core, time cooldown of Guardian Grave to be smaller than 25 sec CD. that mean when use 2 time can't heal units that have been healed by Mend in the last 25 sec. there is no way to know someone who has been healed before 25 sec. if I had octa with lv 3 juju, I had 15 sec CD Guardian Grave and need wait 10 sec to be 25 sec for heal. under this 10 sec I had no idea to wait till 25 sec for heal, if I made a mistake ( use G.Grave under this 10 sec) I need another 15 sec CD to wait heal. please help do something abaout this. or make it to be who has been healed before 25 -> 15 sec thankxs
  3. and maybe if possible some next patch can change talent 10% lifesteal ➜ +10 Ransack health steal. if it will continue to adjust to the latest patches of d2 1 more: meepo clones doesn't got shared bonus from injected aghanim that purchased from shop Thanks
  4. meepo clones does not apply attribute bonus from strength talent, only apply from main meepo (share attribute). this work like Power Treads, are applied twice on meepo clones, but talent doesn't applied twice. this look like only main meepo who get a bonus strength from talent, that meepo clones doesn't get benefit from bonus strength talent. only get the benefit/share attribute from main meepo. what I know is all talents are fully copied by the meepo clones, that mean strength talent also should be copied by the clones. additional: ransack doesn't pierce spell imunity, it should be pierce it. Sorry if I am wrong, thanks
  5. when Centa uses a stampede, Deafening blast can't do the knockback. but inner fire Huskar can do it. please change/set the ms of hero to zero when got knocked. thanks
  6. granted

    display name: mament room: asia public / game log: reason: AFK Reason to Appeal: dear admin, I hope u give me one change.. my teacher called me on phone at the start of the game. You can see my chat that informs my team at timestamp 1:12 I think it will take a time around 2 minute, but it turn out to took over 7 minute, in around that time I need to search some data that my teacher asked for and I din't have time for pick a hero. I'm a good player always finished my game, but it pure accidental. if u see my game history, u will see that I have 1000+ gameplay with 100% reliability at RGC ladder and I am always obey the rules. thanks...
  7. solved

    sorry idk where to place my suggestion, if u still want to update the hero in some next patch.. please can u make invoke skill CD from 6 -> 7, and reduce CD for invoke by 0.3 sec every hero(invoker) level ( not should quas,wex,exort), but can't be less than 0.7 CD (option 1) or make it reduce CD for invoke by 0.252 sec every hero level, so when invoker reach lv 25 invoke skill will be 0.7 sec CD. (option 2) but for balance I think for the best is option 2, bcs if option 1 invoke will get 0.7 cd at lv 21, but can pick 3 talent tree (10,15,20). if based on dota 2 invoke will get 0.7 cd at lv 24 if pick 3 talent tree(10,15,20) for example (option 2) invoker level 20 will get invoke skill 2 sec CD with pick 3 talent tree and invoker in d2 level 20 will get invoke skill 1.9 sec CD with pick 3 talent tree and reworked agha scepter: remove cd reduction -> add catalsym sorry its just my suggestion, thanks
  8. solved

    -Balanar Dark ascention can't walk through structur,cliff,tree when he invisible/Lothar/edge. -void talent 175 chrone aoe not providing 1000 ms at bonus aoe. -skill 3 SF decrease enemy armor when he invisible/Lothar/edge (icon disappears, but decrease armor), idk its bug or that's how it should be, sorry if I am wrong can I request? @DracoL1ch can you upgrade invoker 10 left talent meteor damage for talent balance? make it to be +35% chaos meteor damage or +65 main damage and +12 burn damage thanks
  9. solved

    -15 left talent sven "storm dispel" doesn't work at eul/cyclone buff -20 left talent undying "+5 atk tomb to destroy" only +3 atk that worked