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  1. Your Display Name: incipient- Reported Display Name: Yuzuu Reason: Room: (Asia) RPG Mix Example: Yuzuu make tournament prize 10rgds+RC i did won but he DQ me as such thing :- (DQ: Due to some abuse reports ) @Hakka @Froz
  3. @Hakka That event name is Team 2 win = 50RGDs and i did win from team 2 still didnt get prize. GraySon
  4. Hakka you said prize already been sent? i didn't get sir Username: GraySon @Hakka @Froz
  5. Nickname : Incipient- Country : Mongolia Hero : Faerie Dragon Description : We losing unreal for comeback, i use ultimate for 5 heroes and GG just watch them. Time of replay : 28-32minutes W3 version : 1.26 Replay parser link. @LOL-_-FUCK