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  1. chen ultimate bugged by winter curse. Chen can't heal (with Hand of God) his allies and himself after being affected by winter's curse time lapse: 23:38 SENTINEL _smurf01 >> Hand of God [2] > On cooldown ( 02:10 )
  2. Chen can't heal after being affected by winter's curse
  3. bug

    I dont know where I can post this Reported nicks: DESVENDAMAMANIZ, MATA_ABORTOS900 reason: MATA_ABORTOS900 feeds many games but in his history you can see he won, he finish the match in short time with rgc bug that drop everyone. The other guy does the same ( DESVENDAMAMANIZ ) look at their game history time lapse: min 16:46REPLAY: GAME ID: 61767436 Room: PERÚ