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  1. solved

    players who spoil games by breaking things or feeding you never need to unban, this is a separate scum caste
  2. solved

    I'm tired of seeking justice, you can close, I hope next time they will be on your team /close
  3. solved

    can you say me that in your understanding "not experienced enough"? @Casper Ignore the gameplay should be punished, I have 4 themes created that the players in my team escaped punishment nor did anything to win but here the opposite situation, they lost, why do you stubbornly defend players who come in to show their feminine character, are offended and cry this player clearly knows the rules and makes sure not to be banned @KKS you have useless rules for leavers that you can get around by turning off the internet cable, but there is no punishment for the double middle and ignore the process. can it be time to insert them?
  4. denied

    this is the damage of the invoker in 57 minutes of the game, that is, he farm the forest and when he realized that we would win without him, he went with us and filled another 12 thousand
  5. denied

    @KKS you're an older player, what do you say? I already suggested introducing a .for double middle penalty in the rules, one thing when the player does not know and go double mid, and another when he deliberately spoils the game. hero dmg this is invoker 20k in 72 min game. which means that he farm the whole game, and even when they broke the tover in the mid, he sat and insulted me and after that he went to defate
  6. denied I took the middle, after this invoker decided that he also wants the middle and took the hero, when other players offered to roll, he pick the hero and said that he had already chosen and was not going to leave anywhere, I know that you have no punishment for a double middle, but there is code of honor among the players and he knew about them but he didn’t care I wrote roll, but he refused saying that he would not leave the mid my team supported the punishment for the invoker for disrespect for them, because we played the whole game 4 vs 5 and only before the end of the 3 opponents has left in the game
  7. in such a system there are a lot of pitfalls and you will have to duplicate the sign button for those who want to play a match in a matchmaking game and just a pub because it turns out that not in popular times, you just won’t start on your rating I have such an offer add new statistics both in the rooms of Mongolia and others (that is) the sign is hosted a game of a new type with extended statistics of killing deaths and help, if you want to play with the old stat you buy rgd and host your game where the old statistics are displayed (not difficult to split) in general, it would be nice to separate the players who can play from the players who play very badly, sometimes you just have to collect a stack of friends so that you don’t get horrible players in your team .. but interest in such games falls many times p.s sry my google translate)
  8. sup. why not update the rules, + add punishment for the double mid who first wrote that and stands mid . who came second and refuses to leave . block for 1 day. I do not think that there are players in 2020 who do not know that the middle line is 1x1
  9. solved

    this not my problem) desinc? the enemies won without killing, is this the way it should be?)
  10. solved

    0 comment Replay_2019_12_02_1830_Monkey King_25m 16-0-23.w3g
  11. solved

  12. solved

    bug they kicked the beetle in the 6th minute, but he continued to write in the chat that we were afk, in his version of the replay we were afk and he played, why? LastReplay.w3g LastReplay.w3g
  13. granted

    when crash loading replay is not saved, so no have. In any case, what will the eu pub lose if it is banned for several weeks? -7500 just take it into account, he does not play DotA, he spoils the mood of others.
  14. granted

    my stepqya he derverpacker crash download in game because of which the game does not load and throws everyone into the main menu
  15. granted

    my stepqya he soplosdf left after dead he ⏝Benyamin⏝ lag and left after dead Replay_2019_11_28_1801_Monkey King_82m 28-7-21.w3g