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  1. granted

    LIMON_DULCE_:V sell item buy iron and leave 27 min in game Replay_2020_06_05_0210_Bounty Hunter_34m 5-11-6.w3g
  2. solved

    genius, messages come anyway.
  3. solved

    how i can block this idiot i am dont want play with this shit room and i say him about.but this idiot not can stop
  4. granted

  5. denied

    he is dont defence mid 21 min spacename*139* LastReplay.w3g
  6. granted AntiDoterXD LastReplay.w3g
  7. solved

    is known
  8. granted

    1 . [ERROR] [Beta Tests] You are timebanned from this channel until 13:56 on 03/06/2020. Reason: Flame players whom I flame this time despite the fact that I don’t even know what it means. when I wrote from the main account nobody did anything to me, but how did I get in from the fake and they banned me for a week for 4 words?) these words what does the call to burn Jews mean?)) Are the rules the same for everyone or not? this is about the ban. 2. about the ladder. that is, it turns out if today you can reset the ladder to anything you want to break the rules of pouring out of games. Correct me if I did not understand correctly !Denied
  9. denied no balance 1x9 game vs full stack LagartoSor LastReplay.w3g after which he began to write me some kind of nonsense about restarting the ladder. But why the admin who constantly requires me to follow the rules constantly violates them by choosing forbidden heroes and playing with friends and this is just what I saw in my own skin
  10. granted mi4o-jebote LastReplay.w3g
  11. angrybitch^ .Ganker~ LastReplay.w3g
  12. granted bbD~
  13. granted [email protected] traxes picker
  14. granted .M4nu3L. WMWWWWWWWWWWWWW Etihad- Replay_2020_05_26_0137.w3g
  15. granted #MARS_ NinE AtrevidoPai