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  1. granted

    my stepqya THE..BIG.BOSS. rage out after frist blood
  2. denied

    Cedric your rights were taken away and you decided to annoy the admins so that they will return them to you again?)
  3. solved

    unbanned! more so please don't do
  4. granted

    my stepqya elesoul METETEESTE firsthook bolivian dota in eu public Replay_2019_10_21_0159_Monkey King_13m 7-1-0.w3g
  5. granted

    my stepqya Simion_Florin 32-58 - 38-34 kickafk this time line my team lose two line and he could help with his ultimate while we were being pushed, he went about his business, which is important in a similar topic, your administrator banned the user for such a violation for 2 weeks, I demand the same period or review the administrator’s decision in a post
  6. solved

    yeah this bug. need banned him and me too i have 4 deaths in 5 too need ban @НаККa @аdmin @god @jesus
  7. denied

    3.58 that is, is it the norm if the hero runs under hight ground without seeing an opponent who can turn anywhere, but he just runs straight? 13:13 rly ping on scorp NO HAVE NO ONE information about him. he could stand anywhere with a blink and stand w8 initiation, but venga knows where he is. 14:44 np may be but when the scorpion came out of the inviz, she also run (but the hero is still invisible after the dust, coincidence?) 25:11 normal movie?this dude in 40 minutes of the game did not make a single empty movement in the forest, he always found someone. ALWAYS. coincidence For a couple of months in the anti-hack iccup section, I correctly recognized all cheaters (and there are 10 times more of them because of the old maps), such a flair is simply impossible I believe if this dude reads as I move on the map. having 90% win rate playing solo pub but when your opponent guesses your actions. having IQ like bread, then this is at least suspicious I completely disagree with the decision of the above administ
  8. denied

    my stepqya he Ali(Ali) proof he call my frend and hate him next hate cedric
  9. solved

    why does the administration handle complaints against themselves? it seems to me or is there a conflict of interest? @Hakka @MoON
  10. solved

    I would also ban you for being stupid. instead of adding the aggressor to ignore, you maintain a conversation with him
  11. solved

    follow me i play in eu all day you can close it like talking to a wall
  12. granted

    my stepqya he ..._!_... He didn’t specially pump the ultimate ability along with the flaming team that they didn’t help him. He farm for 40 minutes. He earned the last asists when we did mega creeps.
  13. solved

    in Russian it sounds like this IDITE NAXYi. This is not the answer of the administrator but the schoolboy. It was my post and I asked to make it right because I don't speak English well. But what difference does it matter that administrators should be for the right decisions?and close and say go go about your business is at least rude.
  14. solved

    I don’t agree either. but who cares?
  15. denied

    Replay_2019_09_29_0534_Nerubian Weaver_53m 15-3-12.w3g