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  1. I totally and wholeheartedly agree with some people here. i started playing dota on Garena 11 yrs back.there were only 3 Indian rooms on Garena then.the map was 6.58 i guess.there were always improvements with heores and maps.small but good and aprreciative improvements.i have played most of the days of last 11 yrs;MOST;everyday,every week every month.i am a below average player but i have come to enjoy DOTA and its has been a privilege playing against so many good players,in Garena as well as in RGC.But then Garena was shut down and i moved to RGC.It was a smooth transition from Garena to RGC.I have been banned many times:D ;no complaints though!.....till this MAP came. WORST map in my experience.and experienced i am(currently i am running on 42).i have seen many maps.but why COPY PASTE Dota 2.i have tried to but cant seem to enjoy this map. So one sincere request to Admins;Hakka is it? Bring in old map before 7.00.if some people want to play it ,let them! PS:i have only written what i feel.i dont mean to harm or hurt anyone's feelings! Go soft on me.:D Keep playing!