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  1. mh

    30 min 38 - 41 min 45 - 48 min And many others, suggest watching the whole match, as there is at least 7 moments. Specially after 30 min. If you watch everything after 30 min, you will see many more
  2. mh

    Well, you guys have not noticed, that in this topic: Ursa is the MH. It has MANY, MANY, MANY maphack plays during the game, specially after 25 min of game, but some in early game as well. Suggest reviewing the whole game, its 100% garanted that the used uses MapHack, and it has already admited it on our conversation, it said it willl already create another account, because he knew he would be banned for using maphack. Proof: The user has already created 2 more accounts on the same day: So probably, even tough it gets banned on this account, he already have others ^^ And he has already been banned on another account as well for mh. Despite admiting being a MH, the replay will have at least 7 mh plays from him. Well its up to you now. Replay: User: !-No[One]-!
  3. Jogador ClashofKings2 feedou ate nao aguentar mais. Depois ficou puxando e tirando o cabo toda hora, para simular um disconnect, ficou toda hora caindo e voltando durante um tempao para tentar simular. Antes ja havia falado que estava base e nao iria fazer mais nada, q tinha desistido, etc...
  4. 2 amigos kiters. K_B13 , K_660
  5. O jogador ja iniciou feedando no mid no early game. No late game, toda hora ficava dando tp sozinho longe do time e se matava para o slark sozinho. Durante todo game, quando o time juntava, o mesmo que ja tinha mutado o time todo e disse que nao estava nem ai pra nos, começou a se matar indo sozinho na lane para ser morto e zuar o game. Depois que começou a zuar, toda hora dava tp sozinho para ser morto, nao recuava, e estava claramente querendo zuar o game. Mesmo com todos falando para andar junto, ele ja tinha xingado time falandoq nao demos miss e comeco se matar. Nome: -PowerKill-
  6. Indeed that was the problem. Its important to install it, not just get the files. It has fixed my problem. Thats a lesson, always send that last link to people, it will avoid fps bugs.
  7. Is there a link where I can get the ISO image of warcraft? Installing it normally on windows? Because this one u provided, its just all the files
  8. Since i have reinstalled warcraft trough your link
  9. Task Manager: Around 10% cpu usage memory 28% and the hard disks 0% Yes, my drives have good space avaible!
  10. Yes I have seen that on internet already, have already tried, but still having trouble :l
  11. Hello, the rgc has left the game problem has been solved. Now, I am experiencing really low fps many times, even with 47 ping, fps gets really bad like 15, 20.. My computer is top tier, 1tb, 12gb ram, nvidia geforce, 35 mb internet. The problem is not my computer, and with the old warcraft never experienced low fps, any solutions?
  12. aceito

    O jogador 3R4NC0 começou a zuar a partida e toda hora se matar para o time aversário. No chat é possivel ver ele falando: quer ver eu zuar mesmo? E logo depois começou a se matar, indo no meio de 5 jogadores, e zuar game. E ainda disse que: demora 3 dias pra dar ban e debochou dos moderadores. Jogador ainda confessou estar zuando falando 'deu sorte deu estar com raiva do geomancer' Enfim, basta ver o quanto ele se matou e não ha duvidas.
  13. So far yes, it has been solved !!! If anything heappens I get back to you.
  14. InViCtO-2019 e !!!D_U_E_N_D_E LEAVERS.
  15. Kank&Rax e hop_rpg LEAVERS.