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  1. @Drumz Dude you have to find an iranian VPN because bot host server is .ir
  2. solved

    My IGN: Amir Reporting IGN: AHMAD_(SOLO) Reason: Racism, Insulting To Iranians Room: LoD IH Proofs: 1st offence at LoD IH , 2nd offence at LoD IH Explanations: First, take a look at his ban history, he got banned many times because of being racist and also comp/client bans. Second, I'll be grateful if somebody take some actions against this trash dog. @Ace May u
  3. 2 ta soal dashtam 

    amuzesh haye avalie ke dar bakhshe darkhast admin gofte budid chand ruz hast 

    bad az modatti mishe saat kari admin budan ro avaz kard?


  4. granted

    Greetings Abuser IGN: Mohammad123* Reason: Abuser Explanations: As far as i know when someone is staff in somewhere, he have to be a good person with others also he should be polite with Iran RGC Users, but this trash staff got banned from Iran LoD because of insulting ( family stuffs ) to one of users and the matter is how the fuck someone like him is currently a staff at Iran & Iran LoD Clanwar ? P.N Dear Checker: Any ridiculous & unacceptable reply will lead to your report too, so reply carefully. @KingDread @Alone @Sadegh
  5. 7d Banned.
  6. solved

  7. ...C.Otri.X... Has been banned. !Closed
  8. 1d Banned.
  9. solved

    My IGN: Amir Reporting IGN: DokhT4rKhal3 , MyLOv3-_-3ajjaD & ,Omid , [Shiner] , ParChaM|BaLaS , Reason: Bypassing bans with different accounts Proofs: Take a look at these links: 1. Banned with [shiner] =>[shiner] 2. Banned with mylov3-_-3ajjad => 3. Banned with DokhT4rKhal3 => 4. Banned with DokhT4rKhal3 but the history comes up within this account: ɛnd =>Ɛnd 4. Banned with ParChaM|BaLaS =>|BaLaS 5. Banned with ParChaM|BaLaS , but the history comes up within this account: mamad_<3 =><3 6. Explainions: I swear he's bypassing more than 20 ban per day. just check the logs and you will find it out. @LordCyrax @Froz @Dr.Spy @(MOI)
  10. edris!!! is now Voucher in this channel. بسته شد
  11. @HaMeD the rescue angel , your case your opportunity
  12. به ادمین های مربوطه تذکرات جدی داده خواهد شد با تشکر از گزارش شما
  13. Moved To Iran LoD Clanwar Section.
  14. king<of>hell† has been unbanned by Amir. !Closed