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  1. Reported Display name : naro#2 Room : (asia) public Proof : http://prntscr.com/mke2uy Reason : he intentionally did abuse our nation .
  2. Lol No admin was online in that time
  3. reported Display Name Aragorn! Replay https://admin.rankedgaming.com/rooms/game.php?game=dota&id=60791857 Room (asia) public Reason leaver
  4. solved

    Your RGC Username: GѦBЯIΣL Abuser RGC Username: ExcorT Aragorn! Room Name : (Eu) public Proofs : http://prntscr.com/mg8r3n Explain your situation: You can see in screen shot without doing anything they abuse India.
  5. RGC Display Name: GѦBЯIΣL Country:INDIA Games Played: 4k+( Minimum 100+ Games to be eligible for the tournament ) Hostbot Reference: .sg (asia) minitours
  6. denied

    Display Name: GѦBЯIΣL Reported Display Name: ~Yan~ Room : (Eu) Public Replay: http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1548890983 TimeStamps: around 19 mints Reason: Axe was afk in game more then 5 mints
  7. Your Display Name:GѦBЯIΣLReported Display Name:coL.LimpReason: abuse countryRoom:(asia) public Proof : https://prnt.sc/mdszva
  8. Display name :GѦBЯIΣL Reported Display name : coL.Limp Channle (Asia) public Replay :http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1548774756 Timestamps : 52-54 Reason pause in clash
  9. Display name :GѦBЯIΣL Reported Display name : register_8004 Channle (Asia) public Replay :https://admin.rankedgaming.com/rooms/game.php?game=dota&id=60708690 Reason leaver
  10. Display name :GѦBЯIΣL Channle (Asia) public Replay :https://admin.rankedgaming.com/rooms/game.php?game=dota&id=60708428 Reason leaver
  11. afk

    Your Display Name:GѦBЯIΣL Reported Display Name: Bobby_B.Bobo Room: asia pub Replay:http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1548643130 Timestamps: 21:00
  12. Your Display Name:GѦBЯIΣL Reported Display Name:force.angel Room: asia pub Replay:https://admin.rankedgaming.com/rooms/game.php?game=dota&id=60679008 Timestamps: 04:24
  13. !Granted turuu1017 is now timebanned from this channel until 02:15 on 26/01/2019
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  15. Kindly follow the proper format of reporting and update your thread within 24 hours