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  1. Europe RPG Mix -Presents- Dota Tournament (1 vs 1) ► Rules and Regulations : - Dota Tournament - Map : [159] D.O.T.A Tournament v2.0 Map Downloader : - Mode : -Max 30 - How To Win : First to 10 Kills will be declared the winner - Prohibited Items : Dagon is not allowed + Heroes who can sucide wont be counted as death , but if someone sucides in forest it will count as death. & Tiny , Tinker not allowed to pick. ► Date : - 27th April 2019 - Saturday ► Disconnection Rules : - Leave/Disconnection Rules : If a player disconnects/leaves, the game will continue.-Game remake is allowed only if the score is 0-0. ► Time: - 12:30 RMT (type /time in chat to get accurate server time) ► How To Register: - Just reply your RGC Display Name in this platform. [NOTE] : Not only the players who registered can join the tour. Registration can also be valid through whispering the (EU) RPG Staffs. ► Tour Manager: Gio[PH]- Best regards to : YanG & Thror
  2. Hi @SirQ Good Day! I just want to propose myself to you to handle (ME) MiniTours Channel. I am experienced of this kind of job, and well oriented with anything about it. And I'm willing to take all the risk for the rooms growth. I'll be looking forward for your response and kind consideration with this application of mine. Thank you, and have a blessed day ahead!