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  1. !GRANTED dingboti19 is now timebanned from this channel until 01:09 on 29/06/2019 Thank you for Reporting!
  2. EU RPG Mix v2.0 "The Birth of the New Star" INTRODUCTION : A reborn RPG Channel that aims to give players the satisfaction they deserve compare to other RPG Channels such as giving more events and prizes, and opportunities as well. Building and maintaining a more professional and matured kind of gaming to the players, simply by having a professional and matured staff as well serving as inspirations to the players that anyone can be the best they can be. EVENTS : ⇲ Autojoin = Team Captain Rank ⇲ Weekly Tournament giving away 75 Pool of RGDs + RPG Champion Rank CLOSING REMARKS : Wait no more! And be part of this generation's new star! /j (EU) RPG Mix
  3. EU RPG Mix Getting a Team Captain Rank 1.) Autojoining in our channel. -> Show the text "You will now automatically join (EU) RPG Mix when you login". Once the staffs notice it, they will set you a TC immediately. 2.) Having a Diamond Rank. -> Highlight the online staffs saying the you have a Diamond Member rank, then they will set you a TC immediately.
  4. Here are our basis in determining SPOILERs or GAME RUINNERs.➳ Destroying, stealing, hiding items that belong to an ally.➳ Refusing to play.➳ Intentional feeding.➳ Intentional AFK.➳ Saving the game to disrupt the gameplay.➳ Using spells to annoy or expose teammates. (Toss, Decrepify, Test of Faith, Recall, Relocate, etc.)➳ Exposing own or ally's items (including couriers) for the enemy on purpose.➳ Telling the enemies where his teammates are.➳ Telling the enemies where wards (or any item or skill which grants vision or which is intended to be hidden) are placed.[NOTE]: A forum post in reporting a Spoiler or Game Ruiner is a MUST! Follow the Proper Reporting Format stated in our forum site.
  5. PROPER REPORTING FORMAT : RGC Display Name of Reporter :RGC Display Name to be Reported :Room :Replay/Parser Link :Timestamps :Reason : EXAMPLE : RGC Display Name of Reporter : ๖Gio[PH]RGC Display Name to be Reported : Lian.IIIRoom : (EU) RPG MixReplay/Parser Link : https://parser.rankedgaming.comTimestamps : 02:10Reason : AFK | LEAVER | SPOILER | GAME RUINER | etc.
  6. EU RPG Mix Penalization Rules READ COMPREHENSIVELY I. For the Leaver/s or AFK/s : - 1 Day ban (+2 days in every offense) II. Spoiler/s or Game Ruiner/s : - 5 Days ban (+5 days in every offense) III. For Unauthorized Advertising : - 3 Days ban (+2 days in every offense) IV. For Spammer/s or Flooder/s : - 1 Day ban (+2 days in every offense) V. Bug Abuser/s : - 5 days ban (+5 days in every offense, and Permanent ban on the 7th Offense) [NOTE] : This penalty applies to ANY KIND of bug abuse. VI. Disrespecting Staffs : - 5 Days ban (+3 days in every offense, and Permanent ban on the 7th Offense) VII. For Hosting Fake RGDs Events : - 5 Days ban (+2 days in every offense, and Permanent ban on the 7th Offense) VIII. Posting Pornographic Links : - 15 days ban (+15 days in every offense, and Permanent ban on the 3rd Offense) IX. Maphackers : - 999 Weeks ban (Permanent Ban) X. For the Racist/s : - 3 Days ban (+2d in every offense, and Permanent Ban on the 7th Offense)
  7. EU RPG Mix "Give one, Receive one" Want to avail a Sponsor Rank? Here are the basic information in availing a Sponsor Rank. Requirements : - RGDs should be bought from RGC Shop. If not, then the Sponsorship will not be accepted. - The client should show the proof (Receipt) that RGDs was bought from RGC Shop. Rules : ► Once the Sponsor Rank was given already, Sponsors are not expected to do staff works (kicking, banning, etc.). Because in the first place, they are not included as Room's Staffs. ► Once the Sponsor was caught in the act of violating the rules, or even someone witnessed that the Sponsor really did violate the rules (with proofs), he/she will be unvouched from the room + will be ban for 10 days without prior notice. NOTE : Once the Sponsor violates the rules and became unvouched and banned from the channel, the RGDs that he/she has sponsored will no longer be refundable. Amount of Sponsorship and Duration of Rank : • 100.00 RGDs = 1 month Sponsor Rank at EU RPG Mix Channel. • 175.00 RGDs = 2 months Sponsor Rank at EU RPG Mix Channel. • 250.00 RGDs = 3 months Sponsor Rank at EU RPG Mix Channel. • 350.00 RGDs = 4 months Sponsor Rank at EU RPG Mix Channel. • 500.00 RGDs = Permanent Sponsor Rank at EU RPG Mix Channel. For more information with regards in availing a Sponsor Rank, just whisper ๖Gio[PH].
  8. Hi. As I noticed while reading the chat of your teammates, most especifically Yeslyn`Huang, he got mad on what you've done. And I did not see any chats saying that Yeslyn`Huang commanded you to cut trees. In conclusion, this made Solaboo's banning valid. !CHECKED
  9. Hindi mo na kailangang gumamit ng mga panlabas na programa o warkeys para ayusin ang iyong keyboard kapag gagawa ng laro mula sa mga bagong bersyon ng mapa sa RGC, sapagkat ang mapa na mismo ang magbibigay o maghahatid sa iyo ng iyong customkeys. Para mai-configure ang aming warkeys, ang unang bagay na dapat gawin ay ang i-download ang mapang ito: https://www.epicwar.com/maps/292541 Kung may mapa ka na, hindi mo na ito kailangang i-download. Kapag mayroon ka na ng mapa, maaari ka ng pumasok sa laro sa RGC. Pagkatapos maglaro, ang isang file na tinatawag na config.dota ay magagawa pagkatapos ng una mong laban kasama ng bagong mapa sa loob ng iyong warcraft folder. Ayan ang file na kailangan nating i-edit. Pero bago ang lahat, burahin muna ang file na CustomKeys ang pangalan para makaiwas sa panghihimasok. Para ma-edit, bubuksan natin ito gamit ang Notepad, at ilalagay natin na SkillSlot at ItemSlot bago magpatuloy sa pag-eedit. Ang pagbabahagi ng bawat isa sa mga ito na nakapaloob sa warcraft ay ang mga sumusunod. Once we have finished editing we will proceed to save the file Kapag na-save na, isara ang Notebook at buksan ang file na config.dota para masigurado na ang mga pagbabagong iyong ginawa ay tagumpay. Ngayon naman, para masigurado na gumagana ang iyong warkeys, buksan ang iyong warcraft at pumunta sa gameplay at paganahin ang "Custom Keyboard Access" na opsyon. Kapag nagawa na ang mga pamamaraan, matagumpay na gagana ang iyong warkeys. Kapag hindi gumana ang iyong warkeys, may dalawang bagay na maaaring maging dahilan ng hindi nito paggana: 1° Noong sinave mo, hindi mo pinatungan ang file bagkos ay naggawa ng panibago. 2° Dinownload mo ang mapa noong prinesenta mo ang mga error ng customkeys. Sa kasong ito, burahin mo ang mapa at mag-download ng panibago sa pamamagitan ng link na ito: https://www.epicwar.com/maps/292541 Pagkatapos nito ay gagawin muli ang tutorial Credits kay DracoL1ch Salamat.
  10. !GRANTED j.Mc420G is now timebanned from this channel until 13:47 on 17/06/2019 Thank you for reporting. !CLOSED
  11. Hi! I suggest to re-download your RGC brother.
  12. !GRANTED 神Maybe? is now timebanned from this channel until 15:04 on 16/06/2019 Thank you for reporting. !CLOSED
  13. !GRANTED Lucy? is now timebanned from this channel until 12:44 on 13/06/2019 Thank you for reporting. !CLOSED
  14. You're welcome! !CLOSED