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  1. Your Display Name: RelaxAXEonHACKSReporteds Name: #Solo... (AKASHA)Replay:Time stamps: ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ 3:20 - 3:30: MID =>Enemy mirana on low life and out of fog for a lot of seconds, decides to check top rune and he is following her from the across-side. 11:50-12:03: He is on low life and just on the second of the top-rune spawn (regeneration)he goes straigh to it---NOT TO CHECK BUT...===> STRAIGHT TO IT (no wards) 12:45-13:00 : Enemy meepo and slark are on the place of the bot-rune at river and on the way to gang barathrum at bot,look at akasha aigain, he knows from the first moment and she starts following them in order to help bara,then exactly on the second they appear on map she signals ! 13:55-14:20: ME===> pudge,i am mid on the across-side trying to find a good place to hook,am out of fog,just on 13:55 he is exposed to my hook away from creeps (left side) and just on the moment i take place across-sided he moves to right side,then after my fail hook attempt he goes straight to full his bottle on the top coin rune. 16:40-16:45 : He goes straight to the top double damage rune. 18:18-18:23 :He is mid going to our third base-tower (he is alone and am sure he knows exactly where every enemy is) i am (pudge) inside base out of fog going to his right-side to hook him and he instant moves to left behind creeps.( i could have been placed at the left-side from the start of it and he would be 100% exposed to my hook. ) 26:40-26:55 : He goes straight to the top-coin rune and then he backs. 27:52-27:56 : Top tower meepo in lothars just on the second he is about to appear akasha blinks. (no wards,no gem ) 31:52-31:55 : He is chilled chating to me at mid inside my base, meepo in lothars is about to appear aigain, just on the second meepo appears akasha blinks aigain. 35:45-35:54: am (pudge) invisible with mirana's ulty i go back for 1-2 seconds then i go to akasha,she hits our structures with sentinel's creeps,when i am close to her she starts moving away and across to me, when i was ready to hook him and mirana's ulty went down, he blinked to kill traxex near throne. After 2 hours of repeated checks on this replay i want to admit that this guy does some anti-suspicious moves but in order to get harder detected. 8 years ago as a battle net user i used maphack and i was doing the same. LastReplay.w3g
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    Hello, since when rage quiters report other rage quiters? Kidding me?
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  4. Your Display Name: RelaxAXEonHACKSReported Name: NoPulseReplay:Time stamps: Put it on 20:00 and watch till 20:30,my hero is ROOF ,after the teamfight we had,i go invis , i hide inside trees and i stay afk,10 seconds pass and just look NEVERMORE .......... i didnt mention more suspicious moves , this game was a fast loose and i was all time away from him, we met only on 2-3 fights. LastReplay.w3g
  5. granted

    Your RGC Username: RelaxAXEonHACKS Reporting (Username) : Zardonic.C.C. Room : Eu (public) Reason: FLAME + LEAVER LastReplay.w3g
  6. granted

    Your RGC Username: RelaxAXEonHACKS Reporting (Username) : ✞lo0lo0✞ ( i found that cross-symbols on google they deffinitelly are not the same with his name's ones ) Room : Eu (public) Reason: LEAVER LastReplay.w3g
  7. granted

    Your RGC Username: RelaxAXEonHACKS Reporting (Username) : ;;;... (am not sure if this idiot name is corect i cant actually zoom ) , cinco23 , -Miracle Room : Eu (public) Reason Hello there i want to report '' ;;;... '' for leaving the game, ''cinco23'' for leaving the game and '' -Miracle '' for not letting us pause the game after a lot of attempts to help a lagger fix his problem. LastReplay.w3g