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  1. @Dr.Spy When you have availability thanks
  2. Display Name: SirMacclaudReported Name: Ns.AlexanÐer!Replay: Room : venezuela min 17:40/19:40 alchemist goes farming at the bottom lane in that period og time from the aochemist's perspective he does not have vision he uses ultimate charges stun and in the 4.5 secs duration of the stun he goes inside rooshan to kill Troll, that is the first sign of mh 22:00/22:20 alchemist goes to mid lane to push the tower charges stun and goes in lothar to the accients for Earthshaker without any vision 24:00/24:22 he goes to mid lane again using travels uses ultimate charges stun and then goes to the accient looking for the furion without any vision 26:00 /26:30 in this ocasion in the middle mirana uses ultimate in order to make his teammates invislble he charges stun without seen the heros and then goes straightforward to the earthshaker to stun it 28:00/ 28:24 alchemist looks for earthshaker without having any vision 29:08 /29:20 he uses travels to go to the middle lane and then uses lothat charges stun and goes straighforward Troll in the accient 31:12 / 31:27 this is in my opinion the most significative play, he is in the acolito, Troll is in the uo secret shop lagged and then goes for him without any vision uses lothat and charges stun ( troll was invisible because of mirana's ultimate ) PD: the times that i have added in the description are the times in the replay not in the game as such Thanks for your time greetings