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  1. Approved, Contact me @Sky in RGC. Denie
  2. solved

    already unbanned
  3. denied

    Denied, Farde khati dar post digari ban mibashad :
  4. granted

    Granted, kazeshini69 banned for 1d
  5. granted

    Granted, Banned for 3D
  6. granted

    Granted, aMirPasha banned for 3D due AFK.
  7. Denied, 1. Tedad bazihatun ba hamin acc ro bala bebarid, 2. Hadeaghal 2 mah sabegheie ban insult+gr nadashte bashid mitunid dobare darkhastetun ro ersal konid.
  8. ..:::Iran room's event winners:::.. Event starts 2021/8/25 to 2021/9/25 How can i join event? You need at least 25 games in iran room (/j iran) then all you need is registering for event through this topic ( Just write your RGC name ) When does event start? Event starts 2021/8/25 to 2021/9/25 What are odds? Everyone got same chance to win prizes, just believe in yourself. Title: Assasian Most Kills in game: Windrunner Skin Title: Leadership Most Games in Event: Patron Rank in Iran Title : Game Changer Most Assists in game: Ogre Magi Skin Title : Champion Most Wins in Event : 200Rgds ====================================================== More Information will be added soon. ======================================================
  9. Wrong Section, @Arthowr Please move to Iran LOD.
  10. denied

    Denied, reason is not enough to ban.
  11. granted

    Granted, lordtresa banned for 3D due AFK.
  12. closed

    Seems you don't deserve my time and efforts for explaining stuff. End of conversation, GL
  13. closed

    This is exactly what and who you are. i suggest you to watch your language. This case just being mentioned yesterday and yes it didnt become a rule "yet" but i believe it will cause many people are suffering from electricity issues. As long as you're flaming and insulting people you can not do such a thing cause no one gonna believe in a murderer's judgement same as they won't believe in someone like you who is flaming everyday.
  14. closed

    You need to send complete screenshot which contains " Khoshet Miad " sentence before "Aghab Moonde" ( retard ) word. All i mean is "Khoshetun miad Aghab Moonde bashid?" which means " Do you like to be outdated " instead of what you say. All that you're doing is playing with words, yes you're right "aghab Moonde" simply means "Retard" but you already know what did he mean, so don't ply with words and stop your fake reports. With Respect, R
  15. closed

    You and your endless simple jokes ..! Collection Of Your Simple Jokes , Click Here!