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  1. vaya a mentir a otro lado. no damos unban a bypassers. cerrado.
  2. wrong section. go inside SOUTH AMERICA > REGIONAL > BOLIVIA section or to south america abuse sa. closed.
  3. ℛσyαℓܔ account has valid bans, so ban cant be cleared. But staff was warned about what he made. closed
  4. you got valid bans. we dont clear valid ones. closed
  5. bans in STAFF room are ABUSE. any type of ban inthere is considered VALID. I dont want to see more bans in any staff room! closed. cleared
  6. duplicate closed
  7. petition denied. we cant clear specific bans. we can only clear all bans, and your account has valid bans. closed
  8. anotheraccount was banned in your pc, thats why your banhistoy shows a ban to another account. to errase that ban from your account i need to clear ALL bans from NaviEnigmA and that accunt has valid bans. so i CANT clear it. petiton denied. note: STOP posting for cleareance cous its like the 5th time you ask for the same.
  9. denied

    your clientbans where cleared. about ur room ban, i still need sirq to confirm its really invalid
  10. ban cant be cleared cous u got valid bans. closed
  11. granted

    that "comand" u are saying dont exist, he doesnt have power to end any type of game. what may he is using its some kind of bug, and we will be checking it. thanks for reporting.
  12. denied

    we sanction users that are bypassing ACTIVE BANS, i dont see active bans on this user. closed.
  13. solved

    no se otorga unban a gente q BURLA los bans. cerrado
  14. solved

    user sancionado. cerrado