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  1. u got valid bans, valid bans are NOT cleneable! denied.
  2. I already answered your request, i told u DENIED. next time u ask for clearing banhistory i will ban ur account from forum.
  3. how many computers do u have in your "cyber"? In wich city is located?
  4. IHCOROY- has been unvouched. cant clear the ban. u got valid bans too
  5. seccion incorrecta se postea en ABUSE SA no aca. 2do tu ban es correcto, eso te sucede por andar siguiendo los pasos de videotutoriales con contenido sobre rgc. Pidele ayuda a la persona del video que viste. closed
  6. wrong section closed
  7. closing
  8. wrong section! for asia unbans plz report in asia section. closed
  9. denied
  10. denied
  11. petition denied closed
  12. closing threat
  13. no more moves reported, closing threat
  14. denegado cerrado