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  1. wrong section. btw petition denied. closed.
  2. bans cleared. Alliance between pewpew and the mechanics has ended. closed
  3. denied
  4. denied
  5. 14:45 gametime / 17:15 replay time walk in the woods and find Mortred conclusion --> pudge gained exp, thats how he knows there is someone there - - 21:17 gametime / 23:36 replay time check forest conclusion --> pudge gained exp again in fog - + neutral creep returning to position, so its obvious there is someone in the oposite direction --> UNSUPPORT if u find another suspicious moves please report it again, for now im closing this report
  6. banhistory cant be cleared, u got valid bans, if we clean ur history all bans will be cleared. denied
  7. no se puede remover, ya al remover se remueven todos, y la cuenta tiene bans validos tambien. closed
  8. please report users being kicked by the map as leavers in ur regional room forum. closed
  9. u have 5d to provide more suspicious moves, or the threat will be denied and closed.
  10. closed
  11. Unsupport! 11:20 pinging on clock in fog. suspicious 11:30 Ganked him.(suspicious move) 24:40 going in nc but suddenly slark & clock came there so he turned back.(suspicious move) NOT SUPPORT, normal moves besides lapsed time 11:20 that its like rasta is waiting for clock in fog, i cant say hes using mh only cous of that move, provide more suspicious moves or threat will be denied.
  12. denied, closed. next time dont follow any tutorial.