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  1. solved

    Las reglas sobre rangos en las ligas privadas oficiales como bolivia CW, Peru cw, peru higher, argentina higher, argentina cw, etc, son las siguientes: # 2 Rgc SA Staff # 2 Channel Managers # 2 Head Admins Es decir en el canal bolivia CW el rango mas alto seria RGC sa staff el cual se permite hasta 2, asi mismo 2 Channel manager y 2 head admins, de los rangos mas bajos pueden no tienen restricciones de cantidad. Bribe esta cumpliendo su trabajo. Cerrado
  2. solved

    solo se banean la cuenta con la que hizo bypass. ya estab baneadas. cerrrado
  3. solved

    baneado cerrado
  4. solved

    denunciando ya baneado cerrado
  5. solved

    baneadas cerrado
  6. solved

    baneadas cerrado
  7. solved

    messsssidonaaa has been banned by Sanin.
  8. solved

    this is the acc that made bypass iMOKAYONMYWON has been banned by Sanin.
  9. solved

    Nazihannn! has been banned by Sanin.
  10. solved

    KrazyBear has been banned by Sanin. this is the nick that made bypass of this ban u mention closed
  11. granted

    due to your banhistory, i will give you a chance this time. Wont be 2nd one. cleared.
  12. denied

    u got valid bans cant be cleared. for unban please make a thread in asia section.
  13. denied

    wrong section make a thread in europe section
  14. denied

    wrong section please make a thread in europe section
  15. denied

    wrong section please report in europe section