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  1. MH

    !support 28:00 Dagger directly to the bloodseeker without vision. 32:54 Daggers on pudge ( Directly without vision) 47:04 Constantly point out on the map the exact location of the Zeus (100 % Map hack) 47:07 Goes directly to Zeus using dagger without vision (100% Map hack) 47:26 MH confirmed attacked directly to the pudge without vision Retr1bution is 100% Maphackerz
  2. Nick :JotaCordobesRGC Abuser : [L2]-G0Zu.C4RrY. Room : Argentina Public Ban Type : Timeban Reason tabuse of power, I take advantage of a mistake of the game, I take off and then I gave
  3. Support! 12:15 stopped in nc and waiting for jugger cause jugger was about to go there. 12:20 jugger stopped and gone other way so tiny moved and follwing him in fog. 35:10 faping in nc for no reason. 35:25 Used dagger on dazzle. apparently it is normal, but so accurate is it, sincerely it is little credible, it must be a player with a lot of experience, but its way of anticipating it betrays it, for me it is MH, that my superiors review it
  4. Normal Movimients Closed Post
  5. Provide at least 3 suspicious actions with their time stamps is a must! Unless it's an obvious fog click. Staff will not watch the whole replay,only the times u give will be reviewed. If u don't follow this rule, your request will be denied (replay time, not game time please) 24hs Edit post
  6. Support! 11:20 pinging on clock in fog. 11:30 Ganked him.(suspicious move) 24:40 going in nc but suddenly slark & clock came there so he turned back.(suspicious move) besides using mh, it's very idiotic OnlyGodForgives is 100% maphackerz!.
  7. Support!. 16:00 uses 2nd knowing that the slarda was going and I wait for the moment to use it 5:50 PM wait for the time of the slarda and yurnero, knowing that they were going at first, without wards 19:08 select where the invisible bone is 22:10 knows that slarda is about to attack 29:30 stands still waiting for the movements of the enemy knowing that they are in fog, when the slarda advances, he retreats. 32:40 secretly backs down knowing that the invisible yurnero is heading towards the neutrals 43:20 knows that the bone is close, its dissimulation is surprising 43:33 strange movements, like knowing their locations his way of anticipating leaves much to say, many will say, his passive passive, but it is evident, that his pause betrays him, that my superiors review him, but for me it is very strange, too, a maphackerz teacher I have here, to be attentive. Regards.-
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