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  1. Hello, I've downloaded RGC and warcraft 3 following the links suggested. However, every time I try to open frozen throne I get a direct x failed to initialize message. Then it says that the CD cannot be found. I definitely have directx installed (I think I installed all of the versions). Any way to fix this problem? The image is below.
  2. it works now thanks
  3. Hi it seems many people are having this problem. Essentially, everything works fine with my RGC client except that every time I try to start it now, I download the patch successfully, and the CMD window pops up. However, when I try to restart RGC again, it makes me download the patch again, as if nothing had just happened. Repeats again and again. Same problem here.
  4. yes this is the same problem I have!
  5. Hello. My patcher seems to work fine. I download the patch and it completes, but then I restart RGC (as admin) and it says I need to install the patch again. It does this every time. When I elect to skip patch I can't login obviously. Anyone else have this problem? Any solutions? I've tried basically all of the easy fixes... reinstalling RGC, running as admin, trying to use the patcher manually. Nothing works I still get the message that I haaven't downloaded the patch. I attached an image of my rgc folder